Back to the Routine

I guess my birthday’s over.

Yesterday I told Zippy he could go get a tack and pop all of my wilting birthday balloons.

He loves that “job.”

Pop!  Pop!  Pop!

Chloe doesn’t completely love it.

She is intrigued by it and wants to participate in it, but then again — not!

Bravely moving closer in to the action. . .

Wow.  Up close, examining the precision with which Zippy deflates the balloons.

Zachary then looks proudly at his brave sister, wishing there were another 40 balloons to pop!

The kids’ routine:  Zippy and Chloe are back in school after spring break.  Keeping my fingers crossed that Chloe makes it all day at school today.

Elliot is home sick with strep.  Ugh.  If it’s not one thing, it’s another!  (Thankfully this is NOT part of our regular routine.)

My routine that I returned to today:  Did 8 items of medical paperwork.  Made 5 doctor appointments — all for Chloe.  Emailed 5 teachers with spring break updates.  Paid a medical bill.  Made a handful of phone calls.  Volunteered for school.  Volunteered for church.  Cared for a sick kid.  Updated my blog.  🙂

Another Ordinary Day!


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