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Dearest Santa,

Paul took the kids on an outing to downtown Fort Worth to see Santa and the great big Christmas tree.

The kids sat on Santa’s lap.  He was a sweet, sweet Santa.  He was a good-looking Santa with a great set up and background.  I think his nose is so perfectly Santa-ish!

It wasn’t at all crowded so the kids were able to take their time with Santa.  Chloe, as usual, had a love affair with Santa for a few minutes.  She rubs him; she pets his beard; she hugs him.  This time she took off his hat and put it on her own head.

Elliot reported that Santa’s beard — which was real — was a little bit yellow.  (Yikes!)

The good news:  Paul got a few good photos.

The bad news:  The camera battery died before he was able to snap photos of the love affair.

Paul’s report from the outing:  All 3 kids were perfect the whole time!

My response:  <pause> That’s weird!


Salado Turkey Trot 2010

We had a great Thanksgiving with Paul’s family in Salado.  This is the same side of the family we went to Hawaii with this summer.  There were 10 kids and 10 adults again for Thanksgiving.  The kids had a great time playing together.  The food was especially yummy.  Chloe hardly came out of our bedroom the whole time — but had a GREAT time playing in there by herself.  It was a wonderful holiday!

One fun memory is the very first ever Salado Turkey Trot 2010.  Paul organized a race for the family.  Nearly everyone participated!  There was a 1 mile walk/run/crawl and a 5k race.  We all had a great time, got awesome new shirts that Paul made, received medals for finishing the race, and are looking forward to the next Turkey Trot!

Here’s Paul’s blog post about the Turkey Trot.  It is from his blog, Lean Forward, Run Farther.

Thanksgiving Day marked the first ever, as far as I know, Salado Turkey Trot.  The attendance was terrific: nearly every member of my family signed up to run!  We had a one mile race and a 5K.  With Dad as honorary race director and official time keeper, we ran around my parents’ neighborhood on a warm, muggy, and a little bit drizzly Thanksgiving morning.

The milers get ready to start, with Mom patrolling in the golf cart.

Drew took first place in the mile run, followed closely by his brother Evan and sister Lindsay.  I guess Mark’s family got the fast genes. . . .  Kelsey got a special prize for finishing the mile while pushing Chloe in her wheelchair almost the entire way.

Kelly and Kelsey and Chloe race to the finish, while Zippy and Drew watch.

The field for the 5K was a little bit smaller.  Mark, David, Drew, Jake, Evan, Zippy, and I started.  Zippy dropped out after about 200 yards, and, inexplicably, got lost coming back home.  (He actually made it back home before anyone realized he was lost. . . .)  Drew dropped out about 1/2 way through; I think his mile win took too much out of him.  Jake dropped, too, when his asthma acted up.

The 5K start.  Notice Zippy running barefoot.  Smart kid.  Also notice Lisa, sitting on the curb, still in her PJs.

Mark and I tied, with a blazing fast time of 25:07 (Mark probably had to hold back to stay with me, since, as my goofy child declared, I am a lot fatter than Mark!)  Evan followed a few minutes later, with David bringing up the rear, declaring that he hadn’t run that far in years!

Dad cheering on his boys to a photo finish.

The promised rain never fully materialized, and the bitterly cold wind didn’t come up until later, so the weather was about perfect for the Trot.  I think everyone had a good time and all will now start training for the Salado Turkey Trot 2011!

(Big thanks to Laura for the photos!)

Pass the Turkey, Please!

Have a great Thanksgiving!  Many, many blessings on you today!  🙂


Today I am thankful that a year and a half ago when we painted the inside of the house we chose a semi-gloss finish so that it would be easier to clean.  If the walls weren’t semi-gloss today, then the three packs of chocolate pudding that exploded in the entryway would have been a much bigger mess to clean up.  As is, the globs of chocolate pudding wiped up surprisingly easily from the walls and the baseboards.  Thankful.  Yes, that’s it.

Today I’m thankful for the smile that crossed my face as I heard the strong edict come from Paul’s mouth:  “New house rule:  Never stand on a tower of pudding packs.”  Yes, I’m thankful for new house rules that I never thought I would need to have for my family.

Today I am thankful that my daughter is strong and healthy.  And that Paul and I and Zippy together are stronger.  If the three of us together were not stronger than Chloe, then we would not have successfully gotten the 4 antibiotic drops into Chloe’s right ear this morning.  Thus, her inner-ear infection would not be on the mend this morning.  Thankful.  Yes.

Yesterday I was thankful that I am not the receptionist at the pediatrician’s office.  Since I am not the receptionist, I was not the one being yelled at by a dad who had waited twenty minutes past his appointment time.  I would not have been able to avert my eyes and shield my children as the dad spoke very loudly and angrily.  But had I been the receptionist I would not have had to ride the elevator with the angry dad a little bit later (steam still blowing from the guy’s ears), and Chloe in her not-so-graceful-nor-perfectly-balanced way would not have bonked into him and sent me apologizing and begging for mercy from this large and angry man.  (But perhaps a sweet and tiny disabled child catching her balance on him was exactly what the guy needed because I watched as the large angry dad transformed into a melting marshmallow right there in the elevator as he insisted that she was just fine — a transformation to be thankful for, for sure.)

Yesterday I was thankful that my boys were cracking each other up all afternoon.  They got along beautifully and brought joy to each other, to me and to everyone who heard them.  I was thankful that I had to shhhhh! them at the doctor when they were so happy with each other instead of having to shhhhh! them for arguing or complaining about each other.  I was thankful for the blessing of my children.

And yesterday I was thankful that Zippy didn’t have math homework.  I was thrilled that his math teacher decided to give them a night off since this silly week is only 2 days long.  My heart was glad.  For the record, my heart would have been gladder than glad if his reading teacher had made the same decision and if we didn’t have to redo a math paper that Zip had scored a 20 on.  But I refuse to let those two things dampen my thankfulness for a night off of math homework.

I am truly thankful.  I am thankful for a precious family that is exactly what I need for them to be.  I am thankful for grace and forgiveness.  I am thankful for music and laughter.  I am thankful for friends who love me.  I am thankful for the roof over my head and the wheels that I drive.  I am thankful for the sunshine and for the full moon that was out during the day yesterday.  I am thankful for a God who controls it all.

I pray today that you are reminded of things to be thankful for.  Many Thanksgiving blessings to you and to yours.

Another Season Behind Us

Elliot played soccer again this fall.  He loved it and made some great improvements.

He was able to play with the same team — well, it consisted of the same players, but they did not appear to be the same team as last spring.  They have made huge improvements and looked great on the field.

This year Paul is working days so I am not having to do all sports practices on my own.  And the other two kids don’t have to get dragged along a couple nights a week.  That part was certainly nice.

Paul also was assistant coach.  Elliot loved his daddy coaching.

But the season is over, and we have a few weeks’ break before both boys start basketball in January.  As much as we all enjoyed cheering him on each Saturday, we will still very much enjoy our break!

Not Me! Monday

Back by popular demand is my Not Me! Monday post where I spill the beans on the embarrassing things I have not been doing all week.  It’s a type of confessional where we folks can freely laugh at ourselves and at each other!

I used to join up with MckMama and lots of other bloggers in Not Me! Monday, where we confessed many things that we absolutely did not do this week!  (Of course we didn’t!)  But I get the feeling that she isn’t do it anymore so today I’m not linking up.

Here are a few things that have not been going on at my house this week:

I did not in normal conversation with my daughter use the words “a scissors” instead of “a pair of scissors.”  No Way!  Not me! That’s just weird and grammatically incorrect.  I have not over my years heard others use “a scissors” and then made fun of them behind their backs.  Ummmm.  Nope.  (I’m just glad Paul or Elliot didn’t hear me say it.)

I did not already set up my Christmas tree, nearly a week before Thanksgiving.  Not me! I always wait until after Thanksgiving to do so.  And I did not set my tree up early last year either.  Nope.  I have not let Chloe talk me into doing it early two years in a row.

While working on other things like getting my house ready for Christmas the weekend before Thanksgiving, I did not let dirty dishes pile up so high in my kitchen this weekend that I had no space to put my glass to make my morning chocolate milk.  Nope.  There are not so many dishes and stuff in the sinks and on the counters that I’m tempted to just throw it all away instead of figuring out where to start with cleaning it!  Not me! And even if I had, I would not be admitting it on this blog.  I am not avoiding my kitchen this morning like the plague.  “Avert your eyes!  Avert your eyes!”

I have not received two letters of truancy concerning Chloe.  And I’m not way less than pleased about it.  Oh, and Chloe’s not going to miss a couple of more days this week because of doctor appointments.  Surely not.

I have not been picking up the dog now and then (between times of yelling and cussing at him) and telling him how cute he is.  Not me! That would show that maybe I’m starting to like the little guy which cannot be true.  Nope.

I have not been putting off starting my diet until after Thanksgiving only to find that now that Thanksgiving is here, I have nothing to wear that will fit me.  I surely won’t be forced to buy large Thanksgiving clothes to get me through Thanksgiving so that I can wait and start eating better next week.  No way. That would be convoluted and just plain weird.

Lastly, my older brother is not celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary today.  No way! That would mean that I’m a lot older than I admit to being!  Surely he has not been married for 25 years.  (Happy Anniversary, you two love birds!  :))

How about you?  Anything you’ve not been doing lately?


Flu Shots

A family that gets their flu shots together . . . stays well together!  🙂

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I love Minute Clinic in CVS.  No appointment necessary.  You can go for a sick visit or for vaccines.  There is a nurse practitioner there to see you and prescribe medicines if needed.  And they submit the visit to your insurance.  So convenient!

We went after Elliot’s last soccer game and got our flu shots.  Hopefully we’re covered!

Got your shot yet?

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