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My girl. Full of surprises always.

Yesterday, she was whistling. Wait, what? Whistling? I’ve never heard you whistle!


My girl taught herself to whistle. And I’m one proud mama.

We continue to fight against Chloe’s body regressing and getting tighter and weaker. It seems she loses more skill in walking and sitting and getting around each week. We feel like we’re fighting a losing battle, but we continue to fight it, determined not to give up until we’re completely defeated by it.

Yet, in the midst of what appears to be regression, my girl gains a skill. A coveted skill! A skill her brother very much wishes he had! In fact, last night each time Chloe would whistle, Zippy would yell at her to stop! because he was so jealous of her.

Yes. My girl gained a new skill — one that she taught herself to do.

Hahahaha! I love it!

And I’m encouraging her to show it off!!

Whistle a sweet tune, sweet girl! I love that you write your own music in this journey that we’re on together!

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