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What if?

What if God is working in the midst of our circumstances?  What if His glory is being revealed through our pain?  What if He is there every moment that we feel alone?  What if God is still in control even when we feel the ground crumble beneath our feet?

What if?

I believe it is true.  I believe He is still God.  I believe He loves us and that He has a plan — even through our painful circumstances.  Even through the frustrations.  Even through the fears and the failures.

Yes!  I believe it!  And I pray that you can believe it, too!


Still Out of My Mind

Remember the book review that I posted here?  The one that Paul wrote about the book Out of My Mind by Sharon Draper?

Well, we still really like the book.

We think it carries an important message.  I heard Paul say to someone yesterday that after you read the book, you will never feel the same way when you see or meet someone with cerebral palsy.  Yeah, I think it’s that powerful.

So if you haven’t read it yet, pick up a copy and read it.  Check it out from the library or order a copy on line.

Elliot checked it out from the library again last week, wanting to reread it.  The librarian at school asked Elliot to do a little review of it for her to add to her website.  He chose to do a voki book review.  My blog doesn’t support, but I can put a link to it.  Check it out:  voki mind

And then, go get the book and read it.  And don’t forget to tell me what you think of it.  🙂

Good Citizen

Congratulations, Zippy!  I love you and am so proud I can hardly stand it!  You are a smart boy and a hard worker!  And certainly deserving of the Good Citizenship Award!  Hip!  Hip!  Hooray!


De Cito Eindtoets Basisonderwijs.

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“Mom, I’m so scared,” Zachary admitted when we were half-way to school this morning.

He had been pretty quiet up until now.  In fact, comparing his anxiety level to this time last year, there was really no comparison.  I think the anxiety medications he is taking have really helped him not be too worried about his upcoming TAKS test.  But now, literally minutes from sitting down and taking his math TAKS, he had to admit that he was flat-out scared of it.

“You have no reason to be scared of that TAKS!  Do you know why?” came my upbeat, ready-to-conquer-any-ugly-beast-that-threatens-my-boy response.  “You don’t have to be scared of it because you have worked so hard all year getting ready for this test.  You have worked hard for several years getting ready for it.  You are going to do your best.  You are going to take your time.  You are going to use your strategies that your teachers have taught you.  You are going to make sure you’re not rushing.  And you are going to do your very best.  There is NOTHING to be scared of!”

Zachary sat silently and motionless in the backseat of the van.  His eyes revealed the fear inside of him as he watched out the window.

“I’m scared I’m going to be late for my test,” Elliot piped up.

Of course, even Elliot is scared of the big test today.  And, of course, his fear takes the form of being afraid we will run late.  I assure him we have plenty of time and that he won’t be late.  Still, before I’m even stopped at the curb he’s reaching for the door handle to rush out of the van still feeling the pressure of being on time.

There are hardly even any good-byes from my frightened boys as they exit the car with their scared eyes.  I am left calling out in the silence after them, ” You are going to great!  I am so proud of both of you!  You’re awesome!”

Zippy takes one last glance back at me with his scared eyes as I raise up my hand signing, “I love you” and smiling a huge, exaggerated smile for my boy.  I am truly his greatest fan.

And I don’t even get away from the drop-off line before I collapse in a puddle of tears for my boy.

And again, I pray:  “Lord Jesus, please help him today.  Please help them both today.  Give them confidence.  Give them concentration.  Give them peace and comfort and endurance.  Help them think clearly.  Help Zippy not to rush.  Please help them both to succeed today, Lord.”

Easter Celebrations

Resurrection!  Worship!  Beautiful dresses!  Eggs!  Candy!  Great food!  Family time!  Yep, it was a great Easter!  And here are the photos to prove it!

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Not Me! Monday

I used to join up with MckMama and lots of other bloggers in Not Me! Monday, where we confessed many things that we absolutely did not do this week!  (Of course we didn’t!)  But I get the feeling that she isn’t do it anymore so today I’m not linking up.

Here are a few things that have not been going on at my house this week:

I did not put off doing my taxes until the very last minute.  Paul was not doubting my ability to make enough sense out of the mess that is my work space to pull together some numbers for him.  Nope.  Not us!  And we did not send it off electronically at nearly 11:00PM on April 17th.  Nope!  Not us!

I do not have a mound of clean laundry the size of Mt. Everest in my living room waiting to be folded.  No.  Since I always promptly fold and put away my laundry every time, it would be impossible for any clean laundry to pile up anywhere.  (Hey, but at least it’s CLEAN!)

Elliot and I did not do so much baking this weekend for the bake sale at church and for Easter that all the countertops were taken up with something or other to the point that I thought we were going to have to start measuring in the living room!  Nope!

I did not stuff so many eggs that my children had baskets overflowing for Easter.  Nope.  Not me.  And my heart did not race as we walked out the front door and saw the lawn decorated with such brightly colored eggs.  I did not have to make myself stand still and take deep breaths so that I wouldn’t tackle my children trying to gather up all the beautiful, fun-filled eggs!  Nope!  Not me!

I am not attempting to tackle the messes in my house a little at a time.  Nope.  I would never let things get so out of control that I would have to pace myself in getting things put back together.  Not me.  And I am not setting my goal for having a clean house by March 2012.  Nope.  Not me!

How about you?  Anything you’ve not been doing?

O Glorious Day!

This Easter weekend, I want to give you a touch of HOPE.  It’s the HOPE that keeps me going.  It’s the HOPE that keeps me working.  It’s the HOPE that keeps me singing and smiling.  It’s the HOPE that keeps me living and writing.  He is my HOPE.  And this weekend, I honor Him and remember Him and thank Him and celebrate Him!

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