Surprise! Surprise! and Surprise!


My husband sneaked and hacked and pirated to post a birthday message on my blog.  And he did it from his work!  Thanks, Babe, for the kind words!!  Perhaps I should rework my passwords and stuff!  🙂


Last night, two of my fun friends were planning a surprise girls night out for my birthday.  I was quickly and unknowingly ruining the whole thing so they had to call and spill the beans yesterday afternoon.  We got pretty toes together (Yay!!  I finally have painted toes again!) and then had a yummy and fun dinner together.  Thanks, girls!

(I cannot believe I just posted a photo of my FOOT on the internet!!)


Sunday night while I was getting the house ready for our regular Sunday night Bible study and Paul was gone with the kids “to the park,” the doorbell rang.  It was a friend; she was there to “take me for a ride.”

Hmmmm.  I immediately knew that she was taking me to a surprise.

My first thought was, “Oh no!  My kids look like ragamuffins!”

Then I was secretly relieved we wouldn’t be having Bible study at our house because my vacuum cleaner was out of commission and didn’t suck up all the grass and dirt that the kids had been dragging in on their feet all day.

I asked a couple questions:  Does the babysitter know we won’t be here for Bible study?  Yes.  Will we be outside or inside?  Inside.  Will we be at someone’s house or elsewhere?  Elsewhere.  Do I need to take food for Chloe, or does Paul already have it?  Don’t know.

I quickly grabbed a clean shirt and food for Chloe and ran out the door with my friend on her secret mission.

We ended up at our family’s favorite pizza restaurant.  I was expecting the party room to be filled with our regular Sunday night folks.  How nice!

But to my surprise, the party room was full and overflowing with not only our regular Sunday night folks, but also with lots of other friends and family — past and present, local and out-of-town, and all very much loved and appreciated!

I. Was. Surprised.

Paul has tried to surprise me a million times in the past 20 years, but he’s never been able to pull it off.  But this time, I never suspected a thing until my friend showed up at my door.  Wow!

There was pizza.  There was cake.  There were flowers.  There were balloons.  There were cards and gifts.

Friends took turns standing up and saying nice things about me.

I was thrilled and overwhelmed.  If I were a crier, I’d have been bawling.  But I’m not so I stood there looking like a dork, I’m sure.

My in-laws were there from Corpus Christi!  What a surprise and blessing!

My best friend since kindergarten was there with her husband, her two sisters, and her niece and nephew.

Church friends filled the room and blessed my heart!

Two friends gave me a tiara to wear during my party.  Someone referred to me as the princess — I corrected them, informing them that I was the queen!  They were seriously making me feel like a queen.

And even my little Princess enjoyed herself at my party.  She as usual detested the birthday song, but she loved the balloons and even ate a little bit of icing from my cake.  And she didn’t seem too bothered by the crowd or the noise.

Amazing that all these busy friends of mine were all in the same room at the same time, celebrating ME!  Wow!

Turning 40 is not so bad after all.

(And all of these surprises will certainly keep me young!)


10 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Regina on March 18, 2010 at 9:53 PM

    Happy Happy Birthday! I am so glad you had a great party. I am very impressed that you asked so many important questions. I don’t think I would have thought about all those things. You rock!


  2. Posted by Stephanie on March 18, 2010 at 11:04 PM

    What a wonderful blessing!! I’m so blessed and encouraged with you, family and friends are a precious gift.
    Congratulations on 40 and lots of love~ x


  3. aaaww Kelly!! That is so wonderful!
    It looks like you have a lot of amazing friends and family.. it’s so neat that they all got together to celebrate YOU…
    And a tiara too! How fun is that??
    Glad you had such a happy happy birthday.


  4. Oh and cute toes!


  5. Posted by Renee' on March 19, 2010 at 1:41 PM

    Boy…you are old! I can say that because I am older than you!!! I’m glad you had a great time and were completely surprised! You are very much loved!!!!


  6. Posted by Cindee on March 19, 2010 at 4:51 PM

    Happy Birthday Kelly!! I am so glad that you finally joined me in the 40 year club. It only gets better from here and boy does time fly. Enjoy. Nice toes 🙂


  7. […]  Paul had invited my whole family to join us for dinner!  He had surprised me again much like last year!  The photos are from that family dinner.  Fun times.  Enjoy the photos.  (Sorry to Paul and my […]


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