Meet Us

Kelly- the mom!

Oops!  No photo of me yet!  I couldn’t find one!  Sorry. . . .

CIMG0856Paul – the dad!


Elliot — the big brother!


Zachary — our Zippy!


Chloe — our baby girl!!

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  1. Posted by Pat Evans on October 11, 2012 at 2:07 PM

    Was interested in your interest in the institutions in Texas and the lack of community services …I am a retired sp.Ed. teacher out of NEISD in San Antonio Texas. We have a now 43 yr. old son who is non verbal and low functioning and he lives with us. We had never heard of HCS services until our son was 36 yrs. old. We had moved to Fredericksburg Texas and a very nice lady ask if he was on HCS and I said what is that…well, it was a shock and we were in desperate need of services because my husband had a stroke and was in a nursing home and our copays were I got the Dept of Justice web site on night to see how to get our son on the list and lo and behold there was a complaint form to fill out if you had an issue about anything you thought was unjust…well, the fact that our son was never signed up for HCS, the fact that as parents we had never been told about HCS, and the fact that we were going to go into a financial ditch was an injustice so I wrote all of that in the complaint and about two months later they called me and said we are working on it. Two or three weeks later they called and said that the assistant attorney general to the Attorney General of the United States was working with the Attorney General of Texas …and to hold on because they would call back and get the paperwork sent to us to sign him up…which they did and now he has been with services for about two years…go to and learn all about this web site…make your voice heard at the Fed. will never get anything done at the state level, especially with Perry as governor…civil rights in this case under the Olmstead Act are always gained at the federal level , never at the state level…just like the Civil rights of the black communities…Try it…we can’t give up. Pat Evans


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