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Easter Photos

I just realized I never shared my Easter photos with you.

So . . . .  try to get back into that Easter spirit and enjoy these photos.

Click the speaker symbol in the slideshow box if you want to hear the music.

Remedial instructions:

To view the photos larger and at your own pace, click on View All Images.  When it takes you to a new screen, click on Original View on the right side of the page.  If you want the photos even bigger, click on Full Screen on the right side of the page.  Then on the next page, notice up at the top where you can control:  back, stop, forward.  If it’s going too fast for you, just click the middle button which is stop; then, you can restart and stop, etc at your own leisure.  🙂

And if the slideshow box doesn’t show up at all, click the button that says Easter kids photos.

Let me know if there are any problems:  this is my first attempt at doing a slideshow.  🙂

I Love Summer – Part One

Summer’s coming!  Here’s proof:

You Are God Alone

My friend at Keeping up with the Joneses has this song on her phone.  It has blessed me like crazy the last couple of days when I’ve called her a few times.  By the time she answers her phone, I’m lost in worship and singing my guts out.  Her “Hello,” has surprised me in the midst of my worship, and I have a hard time remembering why I called her!  So I’m posting the song here for you today — and it won’t be interrupted by a Hello from my good friend.  Enjoy!

TAKS Update

Thank you all for your prayers today!

Zippy took the math TAKS today. He got in the car and looked happy.  He said it was “good.   It wasn’t too hard.  But I might have failed.”  But he was chipper enough about it.  That’s awesome, of course!   No matter the grade at this point — it is over and he feels good.

He said he was the 2nd one to turn in his test which is not the best of signs. . . . but he said, “Momma, I took the test and then went over it 3 more times. I didn’t know what else to do so I turned it in even though I was only the 2nd person to turn it in.”   I encouraged him again that all he can do is his best and assured him that I’m proud as can be of him.

Tomorrow he takes the reading TAKS.  He is not as worried about the reading as he is about the math.   He thinks he’s better at reading than math.   Not sure why since his grades are very much the same in both subjects.  But at this point I’m glad for any confidence he shows.

Again, thank you all for your prayers and well wishes for him today.  I passed them along to him, and he smiled.

Would love to have more prayers for tomorrow’s test.

A Prayer

A Prayer for Zippy and TAKS today:

Lord, I pray for your peace to be on Zippy today.  I pray that any worry he has would be replaced with your peace.  I pray that his conversations from this morning– failing TAKS, repeating 3rd grade, summer school — would be a long way from his mind.  I pray that you would work a miracle in his energetic little body and in his random, jumping little mind — let the miracle be for his body and mind not to work against him today and tomorrow.  I pray for focus and a long, long attention span.  I pray that he would feel your peace and slow down to complete this dreaded test.  I pray that your confidence would be on him all day today and tomorrow.  I pray that he would feel smart as he answers the first questions today, Lord.  Protect him from negative thoughts and feelings.  Bless him in a very special way today.  And Lord, please. help him. pass.  Amen.


My kids recently got the privilege of seeing and holding some precious baby puppies.  Their eyes were even still closed.  Elliot, Zachary, and Chloe all loved them!  They would’ve loved to hold them for hours.  They actually would’ve loved to bring them home with us.  But thankfully, we got to hold them and then leave them there.  🙂

Don’t know who’s cuter — the puppies or my babies.  Ok, I decided.  My babies are cuter!  😉

Making You Comfortable

What do you do to make guests feel comfortable in your home?

Have fun music playing?  Have a candy jar on the side table?  Serve snacks and drinks?  Leave your shoes off for a casual feel?

I just met a new blogging friend, SomeGirl, last night at a Families Like Us event.  I was reading a few of her older posts and came across a very, VERY validating one.

SomeGirl wrote about dishes in the sink opposed to a clean and shiny sink.  She said that when our homes aren’t immaculate, then our guests will feel more comfortable!  That when our guests see our imperfections, it gives them a certain grace for their own imperfections.

Hmmmmmm.  True?  Yes, it probably is, actually.

In fact, I am certain that’s the reason I don’t feel like my home has to be shiny clean and organized before I have guests over.  Yeah, that’s it!  It’s not because I’m busy or stressed or overwhelmed with life.  It’s not because I just didn’t get around to it.  It’s not because it’s just not one of my top priorities.

Yeah, that’s got to be it!

To my friends who have witnessed my imperfections in my homemaking skills:  I left it messy FOR YOU!  Because I love you and want to give you grace!

You can thank me for it later!

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