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Kicking Away . . .

I’m still here.  Just trying to survive the first week of school.  I will update more later, but the quick update follows:

  • All 3 of my kids are at the same school this year!  I love the feeling!
  • Elliot is not excited about the amount of homework he’s had this week.  6th grade — Pre-AP 6th grade — is a rude awakening.  But I’m assuring him that he will get in his groove and the homework will just be part of his routine.  The big question for today is:  Will Pre-AP 6th grade mean homework on the weekends??
  • Chloe has come home happy everyday this week.  She’s only fallen asleep one day this week before bedtime.  But she has sure been ready for bed when it’s time.  I will talk to her aide soon and request a short note about her day each day.  I’ve got to have a question or two to help with my conversations with Chloe about her day.
  • Zachary has been TIRED this week.  He has thrown a couple of fits during the week just out of his exhaustion.  The two memorable fits:  1.  He broke a chair at dinner because he didn’t appreciate the roast I had cooked.   2.  He was very disappointed that we had to miss the school’s Cici’s Pizza night.  Of course, they were both food related.  Ugh.  Poor starving kid.
  • I have begun the huge daunting task of getting my house back in order.  I’ve cleaned the entry, the TV room, the living room, one bathroom, and most of the kitchen.  Just a dent in the damage done all summer long.
  • We had 3 parent meetings this week — 2 at the exact same time.  Ugh.
  • Elliot started soccer this week.  Two times a week practices with games on Saturdays.  He missed both practices this week because of meetings and homework.  Jeez.
  • Elliot promoted up to the youth group at church and attended his first youth event on Wednesday:  a Super Hero Skate Party.  They dressed as a super hero and went skating.  He had a ball.  But I haven’t seen my towel-turned-cape since Wednesday.
  • Chloe promoted up into the big kids church on Sunday.  She did a surprisingly good job.  The boys are thrilled to have her there.
  • I volunteered up at the school for 1/2 the day on Monday.
  • Chloe’s been riding the bus to and from school this week.  She takes her wheelchair on the bus, and we leave her walker at school for her to use.  We will be deciding if this is the permanent plan or not.  Elliot really wants to be in charge of getting her from her teacher after school and bringing her across the street to the car.  Sweet boy.

And that’s it for now — the quick thoughts off the top of my head.

I hope your first week of school has been a smooth one.  I would love to hear about it.


School Days!

The kids started school today.  Unbelievable that another summer has gone by.  I always mourn the beginning of a new school year — I just LOVE to have my kids at home.  Summer means no responsibility — it means being a kid day and night.  I LOVE SUMMER!!

I decided this weekend that it was important for me to stop saying that I wasn’t ready for school to start.  Instead, I needed to look at it as a new beginning and work on getting excited about it.

While I wasn’t very excited about school starting today, it wasn’t as difficult a reality as it might have been.

The report from the kids?

Zippy came nearly running to the car after school, eager to tell me something.  Apparently two sixth grade girls made fun of Chloe.  He was fuming mad!  He was nearly in tears and just kept saying how badly he wanted to punch those girls and give them two black eyes.  “I can’t believe someone would make fun of Chloe!!”

The only other report from Zippy was that he nearly got a number today.  (They get a number for disobeying and not following instructions.  It would be a huge ol bummer to get a number on the first day of school!)  “What happened?” I wanted to know.  He explained that he was talking in the hallway when he wasn’t supposed to.  He continued, “I’m a top locker person this year.  I used to not be able to reach the top lockers, but now I can!  So I was talking about it and got in trouble.”  That made me smile so big to picture that whole scene taking place.  I know he was thrilled that he had grown enough to be able to have a top locker!  Cute!

Elliot’s report:  he took a test in reading over the book they had to read this year.  It apparently was a really tough test, and everyone thinks they failed it.  He also has homework in two classes tonight.  Welcome to Pre-AP classes, huh?!  The only other thing he had to say was that there was no recess today.  Instead, they had a meeting in the gym.  That meant that the ONLY time he could ever even talk to another person was at lunch.  A little pitiful, I think.

I don’t have much of a report from Chloe.  The bummer with a non-verbal child is that you depend on someone else to write a report about how her day was.  Today there was not one word.  Nothing written anywhere that I could find in her backpack.  Chloe’s first day at a new school, with a new teacher, with all new kids (at least 2 of whom made fun of her according to Zach), and not one word.  Bummer.  I know the teachers were probably very busy today, but it is frustrating not to even know what conversations to have Chloe.  I asked her if she liked or not-liked school, and she said like.  That’s good.  And she’s still in the same clothes that she left home in so that means there were some successful diaper changes today (if they were unsuccessful, Chloe would’ve tinkled on her clothes and required a change).  There’s no spilled food on her clothes so I’m guessing she probably didn’t eat anything at lunch.  But that’s all I have to go on.  <sigh>

So there you go.  We are officially back in school.  Back to the old routine.  Wow.

We Give You Labor Day.

Tonight I prayed with Zachary at bedtime like I do each night.

At the close of my prayer I prayed, “We give You the glory, God.  We give you praise.  We give you thanksgiving.  We give you honor. . .”

Zach interrupted me and prayed, “We give you Christmas, and we give you Easter.”

I didn’t have a clue where that random thought had come from, but I agreed with him, “Yes, Lord.”

“And we give you Labor Day and 4th of July. . . .  ”  I continued to agree with him as he rattled off every holiday he could think of.

“And, I guess all that’s left is Halloween,” Zach continued.  “We give you Halloween.”

Then it hit me.  His thoughts and his listing of the holidays was not random.  He had picked up where I had left off.  After all, I had prayed, “We give you thanksgiving.”


Andros, as the Red Space Ranger

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There are dangers of running out of the medication that helps a very impulsive child make wiser choices.  Unmedicated, his impulses run free and unchecked.

I witnessed it happen today in my living room.

Zippy sat, watching a Power Rangers movie.  He apparently was taken and impressed with the Power Rangers’ moves.  Finally, the excitement was too much for him.  He jumped up, ran full force into the living room — completely engrossed in himself as the red Power Ranger.  As he ran, he threw himself into an awesome defensive move — a front flip!

“Yes!” he exclaimed as he threw his body quickly up and around in a flip.

But he’s no Power Ranger.  He landed full-force on his hiney on the floor.


“Ouch!” he cried out a few times as he writhed on the floor in pain.  (Mind you, he did not cry tears since part of his unmedicated self includes not completely processing pain.)

As he mumbled and moaned in the floor, he told me of his attempted flip and his efforts to be a Power Ranger.

All I could do was shake my head.  Amazing.  Too bad I had missed it.  I’m sure it would have been hilarious to see.

A few minutes later at lunch, Zippy told Elliot and a friend about his accident.  “I was a Power Ranger and did a front flip, but I landed on my butt,” he explained.

The friend quickly replied, “If you were really a Power Ranger you wouldn’t have landed on your butt.”

Again, ouch!

“True,” Zach replied.  And you could see the planning going on behind his eyes. . . he was thinking how to be sure to land on his feet the next time. . . . the next time.

Hmmm.  I guess I should run up to CVS and get his prescription before he tries another brave move.

Halle Joy

I’ve mentioned “my new business” a few times on this blog.  A few of you have asked about it, but I couldn’t really share with you yet what I was up to.

Well, it’s time to talk!

Halle Joy is a brand new company, and I am thrilled to be a part of it.  The company launched this past month and is off to a running start.

Halle Joy is a Christian company committed to impacting the world through its Points of Joy!  Halle Joy donates a portion of every purchase to great causes across the globe!  The customer chooses which Point of Joy their purchase goes to support!  So the customer isn’t just getting a great bag or a beautiful necklace, she gets to take part in changing the world.  Points of Joy include: water, food, medical needs, disaster relief, and orphans.

Halle Joy creates beautiful handbags and jewelry that tell a beautiful story.  Each piece is scripturally inspired!

The current collections include:  Eden, inspired by the Garden of Eden in Genesis.  Grace, because we all need God’s grace .  Noah, inspired by the story of Noah’s Ark in Genesis.  Peace, inspired by the books of Isaiah and Revelation which mention the ultimate time of peace.  Virtue, inspired by Galatians 5 which lists the Fruits of the Spirit.  Hope, inspired by the cross – our ultimate hope!  Journey, inspired by the Great Commission which tells us to “go into all the world. . . ”

What fun to create beautiful products that tell of God’s love!

Halle Joy creates quality products with quality materials.  Each piece is unique and carefully crafted.  Each piece is covered by a guarantee against any manufacturer defects.

The products are custom designed at Halle Joy.  The process includes:  choosing a scripture or passage of scripture, creating a fabric which portrays that scripture, designing bags with the fabric, creating unique pieces of jewelry which tell the story of the scripture, and working with the factories to make a high-quality, beautiful, detailed product.

Each step of the process is focused on scripture and on impacting the world!  When customers wear the jewelry or carry the bag, they have the opportunity to spread the story that it tells.  It’s so exciting!

So my job at Halle Joy is not just a job selling great products, but it is a job that impacts the world as Halle Joy’s mission is to spread love and joy across the globe!  I am thrilled to be a part of it!

I will be doing Halle Joy Trunk Shows.  I will have the privilege of going into people’s homes and telling their friends about Halle Joy, the Points of Joy, and the scripture that inspired it.  And the hostess of each Trunk Show has the opportunity of choosing which Point of Joy her show will support!  It’s so exciting to picture a group of ladies gathering together to shop for some great quality, unique products and also to send a chunk of money to support missions around the world.  Wow!  It really gets me excited!

Please check out the website:  www. and read more about the company.  You can see all the current products and read more about the Points of Joy.  Please let me know what you think!

You can even purchase right from the website — it’s very easy.  When you’re checking out, you can choose my name (Kelly Mastin) as your consultant, and you can choose which Point of Joy you want your purchase to support!  Let me know if you order something — I’d love to know what you choose.  🙂  I’ll tell you some of my favorites soon. . . .

Soon I will have a button on my blog that you can click on to go directly to the website.  And I’ll let you know as we add new products to the line.  There are some great products coming for fall!

When you think about it, I’d love your prayers for Halle Joy.  I am praying that God will bless me in the business but also that He will greatly bless the company, as I really believe it is a company that pleases God and helps spread the story of His word.

Life. Style            Generous. Fabulous            Mission. Fashion

Love it!

Toe Woes of Boys and Athletes

(My apologies to Paul for revealing to the blogosphere that he has foot issues . . .   but such are the risks of being married to a blogger.  Love you, honey!)

I love the conversations that I have with my children in the car.  We are each other’s captive audience — literally strapped down and trapped with each other for the duration of the errand.

“Mom, my toes are peeling just like Daddy’s,” Elliot announced today.

“Oh, no!” came my reply.  Everyone knows I’m more than a little grossed out by unbeautiful, needy feet.

Zippy’s reply made my heart laugh and my face smile.  Zippy spoke with a wise and congratulatory tone, “Well, Elliot, it looks like you’re growing up and becoming more and more like Dad.”

Oh, they crack me up!

“Why do our feet peel like that?” Elliot wanted to know.

I briefly explained — without too many gross details that may have ruined my day — about foot fungus and Athlete’s Foot.

“How do you get Athlete’s Foot?” was Elliot’s next question.

With chills and heeby-jeebies running through my grossed out body, I said that two ways to get it would be to share a shower with someone who has it . . .  a scream came from the backseat as Zippy exclaimed that he shares a shower with Daddy — the exaggerated horror on his face made me smile again.  Then I continued on with the second way to get Athlete’s Foot, explaining that wearing tennies and socks everyday keeps your feet warm and moist <gag> which encourages fungus and stuff to grow.  <gag>  End of explanation.

It was silent in the backseat for a moment while the boys processed the information.  The break in the conversation gave me a moment to stop gagging and to take a deep breath.

Then, a confident and proud Elliot piped up with what had just settled inside of him:  “So basically I got it from being an athlete?”  I could hear his proud smile as he finished his question.

“Well, yes, I guess you did,” came my oh so proud <gag> response.

We all sat silently for another moment as we enjoyed the knowledge that Elliot is so very much an athlete that perhaps he has even earned the medal of a genuine case of Athlete’s Foot.

Boy, was I proud.  <gag>

“Mom, my toes are still nice like yours,” Zippy piped up proudly, knowing Mom would be pleased.

“Oh, good!” I replied genuinely.

Love Came Down

This calm, quiet song sure spoke to me.  I hope you like it.  Listen and be encouraged.

“I’ll remind myself of what You’ve done!”

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