A Day on the Farm

Chloe’s school brought the field trip to them this year.  So on the day of the “field trip” her class got to come outside in the school yard and enjoy a petting zoo, mini train ride, some carnival rides, pony rides, and a pumpkin patch for about an hour.

She, of course, loved it, and would still be lazying around with the sheep and goats if we would let her!

Here are some photos from the day:


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  1. How nice that they brought it to the school! That makes it more enjoyable for the kids!

    Nice pictures!


  2. Looks like she had a blast! My Aiden had a blast with the animals too. Its really fun when they do this. When Steven was in Kindergarten (he’s in 6th grade now) they didnt bring the farm, instead they brought SNOW! they hauled in piles and piles of snow for the kids to play in. It was pretty fantastic.

    I cant wait until Christmas when Santa comes in! Chloe will LOVE it! Santa, Mrs. Clause, Frosty, and Rudolf fly into the school yard in helicoptors that land right on the playground! The kids get to watch the helicoptors land and take off, and Santa and his crew come around and talk to the kids and shake their hands. This usually happens the day they have their Christmas party, which I believe, will be 12/17 this year. You will definately want to bring your video camera if you have one. It is sooooo awesome! I cant wait! 🙂


    • Snow!!?? That’s awesome! What an awesome idea! I’m sure they loved it!

      Yes, she’s done the Santa helicopter the last few years at other HEB schools she’s attended and has loved it. The whole crew has always been real patient and usually takes time for Chloe to get her hands down from over her face and say Hi to them. 🙂 In years past, I have had to choose whether to Santa with Chloe or Santa with the boys, but this year with them all at the same school, it will be way easier!! 🙂 I will try to video this time! 🙂


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