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Chloe’s Valentines

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960

Anthropomorphic Valentine, circa 1950–1960 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had the list of Chloe’s classmates, two boxes of Valentine’s cards, and 3 packages of heart pencils. I had a black Sharpie for me, a red pen for her, and some tape. I ended up having to grab a pair of scissors since some of the Valentine’s card were quite unyielding and stubborn.

We sat in Chloe’s room with our supplies. I personally dread this particular activity every year — having 2 children who really struggle with handwriting having to write their name 22 times in a tiny space … grrrrr.

And I wasn’t sure how Chloe would react to this particular activity this year — she had been ill for a few days and wasn’t feeling up to par.

But I gathered our supplies, pretended to be excited, and we set to work.

I presented Chloe with the list of her classmates and asked her who she wanted to do first. After quickly scanning the page, she picked a name immediately and pointed to it with precision.

The name: Chloe M.

Oh, sheesh. Of course she chose herself! I forget that this precious child still often thinks she’s the only person on the planet. Or at least the only one who matters! πŸ˜‰ I laughed and crossed out her name, explaining that she would get cards from the other kids tomorrow.

I again encouraged her to pick the name of the person she wanted to do first. She chose a name. She chose the other Chloe in her class. Did she choose it because she particularly likes that girl, or did she simply choose her because she likes her name — that wonderful name — Chloe?? Who knows. Who cares. Let’s just do Chloe’s card.

Chloe chose a Valentine card and a pencil for the other Chloe. I wrote the To section on the card and taped the pencil to the card and instructed Chloe to write her name on the From section of the card.

We went through her whole class list this way. She chose who to do next; she chose a card; she chose a pencil. I taped the pencil to the card, wrote the classmate’s name, and handed it to Chloe for her to sign her name.

She loved it. How do I know she loved it?

Well, you mean besides the fact that she did her Happy Growl the whole time?

I know she liked it because she continued to read that class list every time, and she continued to carefully and deliberately chose a name, a card and a pencil. She loved it. She participated to the very end.

I will add that she lost motivation toward the end. I’m not sure if she was just tired after writing her name 22 million 22 times or if she didn’t have the motivation since these last few classmates were her least favorites, or what.

When we were done, there were 3 Valentine cards left. We made one for her homeroom teacher and one for her aide. She enjoyed making those and acted a little bit like she was disappointed in the selection of cards and pencils for them — maybe she felt like she was giving them the sludge and wanted something better for them, I don’t know.

When we were done with her class and her teachers, there was one Valentine left. I showed the very last Valentine to Chloe and asked her if we should give the last one to Mrs. L (our next door neighbor who loves her very much and takes care of her several times a week) or if we should give the last one to Chloe.

Not surprisingly, she pointed to herself. She was pretty tickled that she was getting one of her own Valentines after all! πŸ™‚

So on the last one, I taped the final pencil and wrote To: Chloe. Then I wrote From: Mom. And I gave it to her.

She was thrilled, let out a Happy Growl, read the card and studied the pencil several times. It was certainly turning Β into a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

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