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That Stinks!

After a very tiring and stressful week, it doesn’t take much to push a mom over the edge.  But then again, this was a bit much . . . .

I haven’t mentioned our dog, Coco, in a while.  For one, I’m not sure he’s a keeper or not.  I mean, some days it is all I can do to feed and care for my children — much less take care of a dumb ol dog.  Ya know what I mean?

Well, Coco has continued — even after a year!– to pee and poop in the house and chew up every little thing in sight.  He drives me absolutely bonkers.  I’ve been close to pulling the plug on the whole dog thing several times, but this past week was a doozy.

The scene:  a very stressful and tiring week; a very exhausted and hormonal mama; late in the day — almost bedtime; even though the day had been trying, I had strictly stuck to Coco’s schedule attempting to keep the carpets free of messes.

Apparently when I sat down to watch a show with Elliot and Zippy, Coco pooped in the other room.  No one saw or smelled the poop.  It was time for Coco to go back in his crate so I put him there.

Shortly after that time, Chloe wandered into the poopy room and promptly stepped one of her bare feet right into the poop.  I’m guessing what happened then is that she sat down to try to get the poop off of her foot . . . at which time she sat in another poop.  Realizing she had sat in another poop, she must have scooted back to try to clean that up.  And so on, and so on, and so on.

All I know for sure is that when I walked in a few minutes later, Chloe and the entire room were covered in very smelly, smeary dog poop.

I screamed and grabbed some wipes, not really knowing what else to do.

Chloe was very frustrated with the mess (and probably disgusted with the smell that she couldn’t get away from!) and was kicking around.  Every time she touched me she left a doggy poop handprint.  I very quickly was gagging and crying and saying unkind things about the canine.

I promised to get rid of the dog as soon as I finished the clean-up.

I grabbed Chloe, stomped off to the bathroom and threw her in, scrubbing and gagging  . . . and scrubbing and crying  . . . and scrubbing and making promises of terrible things done to dogs.

When I had Chloe scrubbed up to my liking, I turned to scrubbing the carpet, still crying and gagging.  And promising to get rid of the dog before sunrise.

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