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Honk! Honk!

1999-2000 Ford Windstar Steering Wheel

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The horn in my van doesn’t work.  I think it’s just a fuse because my cruise control doesn’t work either.  At first it was annoying not to have a cruise and a horn, but then it actually really bothered me.

You see, on the highway, traveling at 60 miles per hour, a car started to veer into my lane.  I started hitting on my steering wheel to get the driver’s attention by honking my horn.  But my horn wouldn’t work.

I couldn’t alert the driver that I was even there!

Not having a horn is a safety issue.  Sometimes it’s very important to be heard when you’re driving a vehicle.

And what if I just saw someone I knew and wanted to honk a Hello at them?  I couldn’t even say, “Hello!”

Wow.  Not having a horn really bothered me!

And you know what?  My van is overdue for inspection, and it can’t even pass without a horn.  The Texas Department of Transportation thinks my van having “a voice” is pretty important!

The whole experience made me think of Chloe.  She’s nonverbal.  She’s stuck in a body that has no voice.  While we are teaching her to say, “Hello” to her friends when she sees them, and we are hoping she will learn to use her voice to alert people when she’s in danger or when she’s hurt, the truth is right now, it’s like she’s stuck in a van with a broken horn.

There have been several times lately when I’ve felt helpless driving with no horn.  There was one time when I was a little nervous driving with no horn (when the car was veering into my lane).  I have felt that if I had something that I wanted to “say,” that I couldn’t “say” it no matter how hard I hit the steering wheel.

But mostly I’ve just resigned to the fact that I don’t have a horn, and that I can’t be heard.  And I hope I have nothing very important to honk  about.

Thankfully the horn on my van is a simple fix.  Literally a couple of bucks will probably fix it.  Then I’ll have my horn back — my voice back.

Not so simple with Chloe’s voice.  She works harder than you could imagine when she is trying to carefully repeat the words that I have her repeat.  She very carefully places her tongue where we tell her; she very purposely positions her lips like we teach her; but then the sounds that come out usually are unrecognizable.

And I wonder how she feels.  Does she know it doesn’t sound right?  Is she frustrated to work so hard at something and not succeed?

And I wonder how long she’ll work at it before she just gives up and decides her horn is forever broken.

I’m hoping and I’m praying that she’ll continue to work and continue to try and continue to improve.  She’s such a trooper and wants to talk so badly.

Meanwhile, I’ll go to the mechanic this week and get my van’s horn all fixed up.  Man, I love an easy fix!

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