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Almost Out

Our bed tent saga continues. Just when we think we have Chloe safely contained in her bed, she finds a way to escape. We have used the Nickel Bed Tent for several months, repairing its holes and rips as we go. Chloe is so bound and determined to fight her way out. It sometimes cracks me up . […]

Happy Happy Birthday to . . . . ME!

No, it’s not really my birthday — my birthday isn’t until March so you still have plenty of time to think of something wonderful to get me.  😉 But it’s my bloggy birthday!  Actually it was my bloggy birthday on Wed, but it went unnoticed.  I think WordPress should send a greeting wishing us a […]

A “Big Girl” Experiment

Oh me. Trying something big. I took down the bed tent today. Oh me. You see, the bed was ripped up anyway.  It was “fixed” with duct tape, but anytime Chloe wanted to get out, she got out by removing the duct tape.  She oftentimes got up, got whatever toy she wanted, and got back […]


Sadness. Chloe ripped her bed tent.  I’m so, so sad. When I put her to bed I noticed some holes near the top of the bed tent.  I cringed and worried a minute and then said a quick prayer that it would hold. The next morning, Chloe was in the living room playing when I […]

First Impressions

Yesterday I received the package that I had been waiting for for days.  I had waited so impatiently and so excitedly for Chloe’s new Nickel Bed Tent to arrive. I opened the front door to get Chloe off the bus, and there on my porch was the package.  Even when I first saw the box, […]