Give it Over

Last night I finally crawled into bed a little before midnight. My bed had been calling my name for several hours, and I was ready to crash into a deep sleep.

However, Elliot, my 20-year-son, was driving from the football game to his friend’s house for the night. He wouldn’t arrive at his destination for at least another hour and a half.

My mama heart felt the need to know when he had made it safely. My mama heart willed my eyes to stay open and close to my phone incase he needed me.

I dozed several times but was literally waking every 10 minutes and checking my phone.

Finally after an hour or so of this dozing off / startling awake again pattern, I realized it was futile and silly. And, as I’ve done countless times over the last 20 years, I handed my boy back over to God … he’s His anyway, right? I verbally and mentally handed Elliot and his safety and his wellbeing back over into the hands of the One who is in charge, into the hands of the One Who actually loves Elliot more than I do. I handed him back over into very capable hands.

He’s Yours, God. I give him to You again.

And I fell back asleep, resting for several hours before waking again to check my phone. He had made it to his destination sometime while I slept.

Funny that I have to keep reminding myself to trust my children to God. He’s got them. And He is working for their good. Always.

So I can sleep, knowing they’re His.

Sigh. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

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