Well, once again, I’m having to forfeit that elusive, coveted prize of Mom of the Year. I know that most moms would not admit the story I’m about to tell. But since you’ve all been sworn to secrecy, I feel like I can share one of this week’s adventures.

My van was in the shop because of some brake trouble. I had borrowed my dad’s truck to gather the kids from school that afternoon. While we sat outside Zach’s school waiting on him, Chloe explored the truck, crawling to the front seat and checking out the buttons and such. It was fine; we had time.

But when Zach came out and it was time to go, Chloe was reluctant to get in the backseat and buckle up. She headed to the backseat…only she went head first over the middle console, into the floor of the backseat.

I quick-as-lightning grabbed her feet as she slid to the floor on her head.

While holding her feet up, I surveyed the situation.

  • First observation: there is NO legroom in the backseat of a pickup truck so Chloe’s head and face were squeezed pretty tightly between the front and back seat.
  • Second, if I loosen my grip on her legs, it will NOT be good for her neck.
  • Third, I wasn’t sure that there was room to maneuver her body down along the floorboard of the backseat.
  • Fourth, no matter how hard I pulled, I couldn’t lift her back into the front seat by her legs.
  • Fifth, this was a very funny predicament that I wish were on video.

By this time, Chloe, while standing on her head in the backseat, had located the cup holder drawer near the floor and was opening, closing, opening, closing while I held her feet in the air and worried about what to do next.

Zach and I were laughing and working hard to come up with a plan, but truth is I was worried about Chloe’s neck…and there was a line of cars behind us at the pickup line. And Chloe was still standing on her head….

I ordered Zach to hold Chloe’s legs. Tight! Don’t let go! And I jumped out of the truck and slid the driver seat up as close to the dash as I could. Then I ran around to the other side of the truck and slid the passenger seat forward, too. Scooting those seats forward gave a lot more room in the back, but unfortunately, the middle section of the front seat — the one behind which Chloe’s face was squished — doesn’t slide forward! Ugh.

We were left with no other choice than to attempt to lay Chloe on her side in the backseat. Very carefully (between our extreme laughing fits!!) Zach and I worked together to get Chloe down on the floorboard of the backseat. It was a success.

But she was still stuck. Her head was still tightly squished between the front and back seats; one arm was under her body, wedged tightly and rendered completely useless…. We were still in a predicament.

I pulled her one arm…nothing. I ran to the other side of the truck and pulled her two feet…nothing. She was wedged tightly. She had become one with the truck and there was nothing we could do to save her. We were really laughing now!

In that moment when I was trying to decide whether to call the fire department to free my girl or to drive somewhere out of the pick up line and try to pull her free– it was in that moment that I gave up claim of ever winning the Mom of the Year Award EVER. Because it was in that moment that I stopped…and took a photo.

Yes! I did! I know. It’s terrible. But I’m a blogger…. 😉 And it was truly funny. And I knew that Chloe was not in any real danger. Truth was she was just wedged tightly, and I knew that worst case scenario, we could grease her down and pull her out! So I took a photo.

And now you’re glad because you get to see it and laugh. 🙂 So you’re welcome!

Thankfully, soon after taking this photo, I must have pulled her at just the right angle because she slid out more easily — no fireman needed! She was safe and only a little troubled.

We quick got out of the way of the pick up line and went about our day, giggling to ourselves.

But, still, I had lost my award all on account of allowing my kid to get so stuck and then for stopping to take a photo in the middle of it.  All for a good story and a few more laughs….

(Ugh! I’m having issues with the photo!!!!)


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