The Details

Do you love someone with autism? I do. I love several people with autism actually.

I recently had the opportunity to spend some time with one of my friends who has autism. He is a delight. He’s smart as a whip and says every bit of his always-thinking thoughts out loud. I learned a lot while I was hanging out with him while I listened to the rapid-fire things he was saying to me…and the things he was saying to no one in particular.

In very rapid succession, I learned the following 10 facts from my friend:

#10- It is important to have 100% of the car in the garage before shutting the door. No other % will do. Check the percent.

#9- I have a 9-second garage door. (Meaning that it takes 9 seconds for my garage door to close.)

#8- It is 533ft above sea level in my dining room.

#7- The bathtub in the kids’ bathroom is a hexagon — how could I not have noticed that before? It’s a hexagon. It has 6 sides. It’s not a honeycomb shape hexagon, but it’s a hexagon alright.

#6- It’s best to eat your cheeseburger top bun first, bottom bun next, and patty last.

#5- It’s a good idea to wait and watch the fan blades come to a complete stop when you turn the fan off.

#4- The climbing platform in my backyard is approximately 9 feet tall.

#3- The train that we waited on was traveling at probably 45 miles per hour.  And it had 5 cars.

#2- One billion grains of sand stored in plastic water bottles weighs about 20lbs.

And the #1 thing I learned from my friend: Stop! Notice the details! When I rush through life doing my thing, I miss a lot of details. Slow down enough to take the time to wait for a door to close completely before moving on, or watch for a fan to come to a complete stop. Notice the street signs — and read the good ones out loud just because. When you enter a room for the first time, stop and take it in — notice the shapes and colors. It’s impossible to notice the details if I’m going 100 mph doing my thing.

Remember the saying “Stop and smell the roses?” It’s valid. Stop and notice.

It’s all in the details….

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