What is up with DME??

DME is the only sales industry that I know of that the customer has to beg for attention and service!!

Please sell me a wheelchair! Please return my phone call! Please bring out a demo walker so that I can choose which to buy! Please call me back! Please treat me like a customer! Please, please, please! Please sell me some equipment!

Seriously! All other sales industries call you a whole lot more than you want to be called. Other sales industries show up on your doorstep even when you’d rather them not. All other sales industries act like their job and their paycheck depends on your business. Other sales industries return your calls!

Why is it then that I often change DME companies because of complete lack of attention? But then I find a different company and they treat me the exact same way??

I’m baffled.

DME stands for Durable Medical Equipment. For us, that means wheelchairs, walkers, bath seats, potty chairs, etc. I’m pretty positive that these salesmen surely work on some sort of commission. But it is so baffling to me that they can go a whole week or two without calling to give an update on whether they are going to be able to bring out a wheelchair for me to look at.

The current company I am working with is one I came to after deciding against another one that totally dropped the ball on service. Never called me back; wasted two solid months. Seriously. So I called this company looking for better service.

The thing is, we order equipment so seldomly that I forget how terrible the service is. So I enter into it thinking I’m going to be treated like a paying customer. And that’s the deal, maybe. Since Chloe has insurance and Medicaid, we actually are not paying customers. We won’t pay a dime for Chloe’s new wheelchair. But guess what? I’m the one who will make the decision and order the chair! Or not order it, if I so choose. Or switch companies again, if I so choose.

It is so aggravating.

Someone who understands this industry please explain this phenomenon to me. Why do I have to beg for service? And why does it seem to be an industry-wide problem???

I’ve been trying since before school got out for summer break to order Chloe a new wheelchair. Again this week, the current “salesman” /rep that I’m working with has waited more than a week to call me back when I believed that he was going to be bringing a wheelchair by for me to look at. Not once has this rep called me on his own accord. Seriously. I have had to call him every single time to find out what’s up. Ridiculous!!

Seriously, it kills me. Am I alone here?



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