Beauty and Her Very Handsome Beast

(This is the story of a very handsome beast. I’m using the word “beast” in a very complimentary “You’re such a beast” way.)

Beauty and the Beast (1992 film)

Beauty and the Beast (1992 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There once was an 11-year-old Beauty who had some difficulties with walking long distances. She tired easily, her muscles were weak, and she lacked good balance for getting around efficiently.

But luckily for Beauty, she had a handsome Beast who loved her very much. This Beast, whom she usually called Daddy, was determined that Beauty have all the experiences possible in life, namely on the family vacation to Colorado.

While the family went up and down hills and mountains, Beast happily pushed Beauty’s wheelchair all the way to the top of the hills and mountains and all the way back down to the bottom. Over rocks, dirt, grass, and gravel, on trails, roads, and rocky paths Beast pushed her wheelchair, never once complaining or frowning.


When faced with a hill or a mountain that Beauty’s wheelchair couldn’t climb, her handsome Beast happily donned a back pack carrier and carried Beauty up to the top of hills and mountains and back to the bottom.SAM_1170

Hills and mountains that would have been out of Beauty’s reach were reached because of Beast’s dedication and love, determined that Beauty would experience life (and this vacation) to its fullest.

Because of Beast’s determination Beauty experienced all of the mountains, all of the hills, and all of the waterfalls. Beauty appeared in all of the family photos and was a part of all of the fun. Beauty experienced all the views and all of the sights. And Beauty owed all of the thanks to Beast, her Beast.

But Beauty’s Beast wasn’t big on accepting gratitude and thanks. Beast didn’t see himself as going an extra mile by carrying or pushing Beauty up hills and mountains. Beast really just thought it was something that he should do to aide in Beauty’s experience. Beast just saw it as his life … like breathing or eating … or waking up in the morning. Beast saw helping Beauty experience life as simply a part of his life and a part of his being.


But I, the narrator, am hugely grateful and indebted for Beast’s sacrifice and hard work. And the fact that Beast doesn’t view himself as a hero makes him more of a hero in my eyes. I’m impressed and am looking forward to living happily ever after withChloe’s handsome Beast.


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