Making Way

Chloe and I had an experience this week.

We are in Colorado for a week on vacation.

Earlier this week we rode the cog railway train up Pikes Peak. After the hour train ride, Chloe and I waited in line to potty. It was a long line, sticking out into the shopping area. We waited in line behind a group of teen girls — maybe 13 years old. I didn’t notice them paying us much attention while we waited.

But as the line made its way into the restroom, I noticed the teen girls turning around facing us, getting our attention. It ends up that they were motioning us toward the open accessible stall which was empty. They were motioning us to go ahead of them into the accessible stall where there was room for Chloe’s wheelchair.

I tried to hide my shock and near-confusion as I thanked them profusely and pushed the wheelchair into the stall.

I have never experienced anything like it. Most people wouldn’t even clue in that a person behind them would have to wait until the accessible stall was available! Much less would a person let someone cut in front of them in a long line at the restroom.

Maybe I’m over-reacting, but this restroom experience filled me with hope. Hope for our future — for Chloe’s future. These girls who weren’t much older than Chloe, didn’t feel the need to stare and feel weird in front of Chloe. But they noticed her, sensed her needs, and met those needs to the point of making a personal sacrifice (arguably small) to accommodate her.

Wow. I’m truly touched. I really am.


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