Those who know me know that I LOVE SUMMER!! I love my kids being on summer vacation from school. It is a wonderful time of long, fun, relaxed hours and days together that are really mostly stress-free. I love it! I count down the days til summer finally arrives, and then I laze around and play hard with my kids!

We just finished our first week of summer. It was actually an oddly busy week for me as I had a couple of trainings and meetings. Elliot had a Tech Ed Camp Monday through Thursday so he, too, was busy. Chloe started summer school reading class last week, too, so I was running back and forth taking her to class, taking Elliot to camp, picking Chloe up from class, picking Elliot up from camp … repeat. It was fairly crazy.

But this next week won’t be quite as crazy. Chloe still has reading class for a couple of hours everyday, and I do have a couple of more meetings, but it will be a little more summerish and normal.

Also, next week, we will start our summer limits on screen time and start our summer goals for the summer. This past week, Zippy had unlimited hours on the TV and with the PS3 and wii; he literally could be found in front of one of those screens at all hours of the day. But it was all part of the first week of summer celebration. Hopefully the reality and cruelty of this next week won’t be too much for him to handle. 😉

Our goals for the summer (dare I share them here for all to keep me accountable??) include the following:

  • Weekly library visits (getting cards for the kids, too)
  • Reading daily
  • Keeping rooms tidy (I can hardly type that with a straight face!!)
  • Chores (more on that later)
  • Math/Reading practice for Chloe and Zippy
  • Inviting friends over to play (hopefully every week to keep us from being hermits!)
  • Exercising
  • Getting outside
  • Practicing instruments

We’re starting tomorrow so wish us luck!

Would love to hear how you organize and challenge your children during the summer. I always am looking for ideas and inspiration and encouragement!

Happy Summer! 🙂 Here’s hoping for many laughs and memory making with my kids!!


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