Happy Mother’s Day!

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Mother’s Day is a sweet day to remember moms. Flowers, jewelry, hand-made cards, hugs, and kisses. Oftentimes, the family tries to give Mom the day off — no work! — but we all know it’s nearly impossible for the world to keep on turning without Mama doing at least some of her stuff.

I have friends who arrived quite late to church this morning. The dad walked in with an armload of kids who didn’t look quite as well combed as they usually are. Dad seemed a little disheveled himself, at least in spirit. His report: he had tried to give his wife the morning off for Mother’s Day, but it had not gone as well as planned. Great idea in theory and at heart, but the reality wasn’t pretty or convenient. 😉

I love the opportunity to say, “Great job!” to a host of women who have been prize-deserving heros to hosts of children. It’s probably good for our society to set aside days to stop and remember the people who play important roles in our lives. However, I happen to also believe that days like today are just holidays created by Hallmark or other gift companies (maybe florists!) trying to make some extra money for a good cause. But that’s ok since our mommies are well-deserving.

At church this morning, I was greeted by several toddlers/preschoolers with a great big, smiling, “Happy Mother’s Day!” After church, everyone rushed off for plans with family. I really do cherish days like today. Hugs, greetings, blessings.

However, I can’t recognize Mother’s Day without thinking about folks who don’t enjoy the day. Those who have a terrible relationship with their mother. Those who have no good memories of that woman in their lives. A day to honor to HER? And those who have desired for decades to be called Mom but are left without that dream coming true. Mother’s Day becomes a day for everyone to rub that fact in — it’s everywhere. I think of those folks who have lost their moms, either recently or even years and years ago. A day like today becomes a hard, sad day. And for those moms who have lost their child — how do those women fit in to the celebration on a day that pains their hearts? I also think about birthmothers who chose life and adoption for their child — their hearts may be full or hurting … but their arms may feel sadly empty on a day like today. While I am in my house celebrating my wonderful mama and surrounded by my children, there are some who don’t feel as blessed on a day like today. I remember those people, and my heart hurts (only a touch of what they feel) for them.

Knowing how special, yet how hard, today can be for different people, Paul broke down and wept this morning upon hearing of some sweet friends who are finally after many years matched with a birthmother and a baby who is due to be born in less than a month. Today was a “Soon Will Be a Mama Day” for them. Such sweet news and such a celebration of blessing. How fun to celebrate with them — or to blubber and bawl all over them … 😉

But everywhere people celebrate — I know I did. We had my family over for lunch after church. Paul cooked a Mexican feast, and Elliot planned out a Ping Pong bracket for us to have a tournament in the garage after lunch. Moms, dads, cousins, grandparents, siblings, and lots of yummy food and contagious laughter!

As an adoptive mother and a mom to children who live life with disabilities, I am often told that I must be special … I’m so strong … What a blessing I am to him … How lucky he/she is to have me as a mom … I don’t know how you do it … I’m a saint … etc. But there are days — today being one of them — that I am reminded that I am the lucky one and they are the blessings. I’m just doing what comes natural, what I was called to do. But they are the blessings.

Thank you, Lord, for my 3 blessings. They are my children. I am their mama. And I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

So to each of you … whether today was a happy day, a rough day, a sad day, a terribly emotional day, or a celebration … I do wish you a Happy Mother’s Day. I pray that those who need healing will receive it, those who lack comfort will find it, those who feel empty or lost will be filled. And those who are celebrating will have an increase of joy.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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  1. Posted by Stephanie on May 14, 2013 at 3:06 AM

    That was lovely and touching. Thanks lots Kelly.


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