Learned Negotiation

Yesterday, I fed Chloe her lunch and finished it off with a couple of cups of chocolate pudding. When she finished, she asked for more pudding.

I told her, “No. That’s plenty. No more pudding.”

Now, for those of you who don’t know Chloe, let me explain that she is nearly always very laid back. Her most common response to a comment like I made of “that’s plenty” is to just look away, start another activity, and never show any disappointment or reaction to the comment.

She, like a duck, just lets it all roll off her back.

Her second most common response which doesn’t happen a lot, is to show a ton of frustrated emotion by mimicking / mocking the person by screaming angrily with her little squeaky voice the exact words you just spoke. For instance, in this pudding situation, she would scream out, “That’s! Plenty! No! More! Pud! ding!

But yesterday after I told her that she didn’t need any more pudding, she didn’t respond in either of her usual ways. Instead she tried a new tactic.

She stuck up her little pointer finger and verbalized, “One.”

And then she signed and verbalized, “One. One pudding!”

Oh my gosh. She was bargaining with me! I said no to more pudding, and she was arguing, “Please, just one!!??”

Apparently she’s overheard her older brother negotiating for afternoon snacks everyday!! And she has learned the skill for sure!

Just for the record, I laughed at her and acknowledged the amazing communication and the awesome strategy, but I did not give her another pudding– not even just one!


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