Conquering the World

Garage Door

Garage Door (Photo credit: lobo235)


How can accomplishing one measly task make me feel like I just conquered the world?


Why can I not wipe this silly grin off my face?


I feel like a conqueror!


I completed a household repair of sorts.


For a week or so my garage door opener has been very tempormental. It has finally cooperated nearly every time, but I have to push and push and push and mash each time I raise or lower the garage door. Twice it has failed to work, and one of the boys has had to get out of the car and go push the other button, which is a pain.


Well today I arrived home from a meeting in the middle of the day, and the door would not open. Push. Push. Push. Mash. Mash. Push. Nothing. I decided that I should go immediately and get a new battery for the remote. I drove to Radio Shack, which is not far from my house, hoping they could help me.


I walked in the store carrying my garage door remote and was greeted kindly by a young man who appeared to be about 11. (Why is it that all of these employees are looking more like grade school students than employees these days?? A musing for another day …)


The end of the story is that this boy young man was able to help me — replace the batteries and send me on my way for less than $15. I was thrilled. I wanted to let his mommy his boss know how happy he made me. But I decided to stick to the old pay-and-just-leave routine.


Once home, of course, the remote didn’t work since its batteries had been removed. (I say “of course” here because I’m pretending I wasn’t sitting in the driveway for several minutes pushing and mashing the button and grumbling about that little boy little punk young man who didn’t know what the heck he was doing. He probably put the batteries in upside down. That’s what they get for hiring such pip squeaks. Until it hit me that the batteries had been removed and probably it wasn’t going to work until it was reprogrammed. I was going to have to figure out how to reprogram the remote. My apologies for the things I muttered about the nice young man who helped me.)


I quickly googled “program garage door opener” which took me to some helpful youtube videos of how to do the job. I grabbed the step ladder, headed to the garage, checked the brand name and model number of the garage door opener, and found an appropriate video. I carefully followed the extremely complicated, multi-step process the very simple 2-step instructions, and voila! the thing was good as new!




I had done it!



I had conquered the garage door remote!


And I was thrilled with myself for my accomplishment!

Thrilled. Victor. Conqueror. Happy, happy woman.

Wanna piece of me?? Huh??


(Pathetic, isn’t it?? Please tell me I’m not alone here …)



2 responses to this post.

  1. I so need to do this as well, but to get to the unit to see what the brand and model number is, entails cleaning out my blasted garage! :0( Not a simple feat for me!!! I’ll just keep mashing and pushing I guess :0/


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