Of Course She Knows

Recently while eating lunch with friends, I allowed Chloe to play with my phone, an iPhone4. Paul doesn’t agree with my decision to allow Chloe to play with my phone and often suggests that I do otherwise. He fears that she will mess something up.

To be sure, the girl has a history of “messing things up” on electronics. She has created a password on a computer’s harddrive, literally locking us out of it forever. She has hidden and/or deleted numerous things on different phones and computers. She has added a password to my voicemail, locking me out of it for weeks. She has downloaded lots of different apps and programs in a mere split second. Sometimes she returns the phone or computer or ipad with a less-than stellar screen — oftentimes there are smudges or some nasty stuff on the screen. Yes, these things happen. But they are nearly always fixable.

Mostly what Chloe does with my phone is listen to my voicemails, take photos, watch youtube, look at photos, and most recently navigate to her favorite Our Ordinary Days post.

Well, this particular day recently Chloe played quietly with my phone throughout lunch. When it was nearly time to go, I got my phone to put it away; but I noticed a new icon on the top of my screen. It was a padlock with a circle around it. Seeing a lock on my screen made me a little nervous, thinking she had probably added a password to my phone and I would be unable to unlock it if it went to sleep. Ugh.

I asked Paul and our friends at the table if they knew what this new symbol was, but no one knew what it was. Paul immediately went to the Settings in my phone and made sure we would not be locked out if it went to sleep, but the lock with the circle around it remained up top, teasing us.

Paul went to work trying to figure out what she had locked. Our friends went to work trying to figure out what she had locked. To no avail.

What would we do?

A bit later while Paul still struggled with my phone, our friends texted to say that the lock with the circle around it meant that the portrait lock was on. Portrait lock? What in the world? Paul went to work searching for the Portrait Lock. No luck. Nowhere.

Finally, I grabbed the phone from Paul and gave it to Chloe.

“Chloe, see that lock up there?” I asked calmly. “Will you make that go away for Mom?”

She set to work. We couldn’t see the screen and didn’t know what she was doing. Was she playing? Was she searching youtube? Was she videoing Dad’s frustration? Was she actually fixing it for me?

After about 15 seconds I asked her if she had fixed it for me. She nodded Yes. I asked her to give the phone back to me.

And guess what? The lock and circle icon was gone. She had fixed it in a matter of seconds. Now, why had we not asked her 20 minutes ago to fix it??!! Of course she knew how to fix it. She was well aware of what she had locked and how she had locked it.

So now the question is: was she just laughing at us the whole time we were struggling?

<sigh> What a funny, funny girl!

(In case you’d like to learn to lock your iphone in Portrait Orientation, you can learn how to by watching this video.:))


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Angel on January 10, 2013 at 10:08 AM

    I love it! I think she may have a future in technology for sure!!


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