Money to Spend

Chloe has had a few difficult days at school. Since she’s been sick so much in the last month, she has gone to school some days and just not felt very well. She is still not well-versed in using words / signs / communication device to communicate feelings or emotions so her communication is sometimes still crying or screaming or just shutting down and appearing defiant. You already know that I fully believe that all behavior is communication … but this behavior is not the ideal mode of communication in our society, right? But that’s just where she is right now.

So anyway, she’s had some difficult days. It’s frustrating for her teachers (but they’ve been amazing about it!), and I’m sure it’s frustrating for Chloe, as well.

Yesterday was a particularly rough day. She didn’t feel well and was not doing anything asked of her all morning. The afternoon went more smoothly, but overall it was a rough day. So today, I pulled out the big guns to ensure a good day for her.

I told her if she had a good day at school — meaning that she does what is asked of her and speaks respectfully — then we could go spend her money at Walmart after school. She was very motivated by this reward and had a great day!

After I picked her up from school, we headed to Walmart to go shopping. When we arrived, I gave her her money — a $10 bill. She was quite excited about holding her money.

I encouraged her to be careful and to hang onto it tightly since it was windy. The money quickly blew away. Ugh. I retrieved it and gave it back to her, encouraging her to be careful not to lose it. She folded it up and stuck it behind her back in her wheelchair. (Cute.) I suggested she put it in her pocket for safe keeping. She agreed.

We went straight to the toy department, and she went immediately picked up several toys that cost more than $10. I steered her toward some less expensive toys. She finally landed on a hard plastic doll that lights up and plays some music — right up her alley!

She was thrilled with her choice and we hurried up to the check-out line. Chloe made the purchase on her own, with only a few prompts from me to get out her money. And we left — Chloe, Astra (the doll), and me.

Now my wheels are turning to come up with a system in which Chloe can earn money for a job well done at school each day. Not sure of the details yet, but I think it will work since she really appreciates spending money right now. I’ll keep you posted on what I decide.

Until then, I hope you enjoy any purchases you make as much as Chloe enjoyed hers today! 🙂


2 responses to this post.

  1. Way to go Chole’!!!! A girl after my own heart! Give her some chores momma she can do it. I am so PROUD of her! I love the doll too!


  2. Posted by Mary Mabry on October 16, 2012 at 4:23 PM

    so proud of both of you. Whatever works!


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