Just taking roll and making sure you know I’m here! Yes, I’m here, and, believe it or not, my absence and silence has not been a sign that things are terrible around here.

The only thing terrible is that Chloe has been sick for an entire month off and on — mostly on. I get her well for a day or two, and BOOM she’s sick again. It has been so frustrating! She got a bad cold. She got a sinus infection. She got some random virus and fever. She got a stomach virus; it went away; it came back. I’m telling you, it has been nonstop. And she’s missed a lot of school. Ugh.

But (knock on some serious wood!) I think she’s on the mend finally and hopefully will be showing some better attendance at her new school!

A very cool thing about her fever: she got a fever and did NOT have a seizure! Yay! First time for that! So hopefully (again, knocking on wood) she has outgrown her febrile seizures!

Other than Chloe’s illnesses, things have been going so well! She is having an amazing school year so far! She is doing well, completing work, making friends, going to school happy, and coming home happy — unless I have to pick her up early, which she is not caring for! I cannot say enough good about her teachers and the other folks on the team supporting and teaching Chloe this year. It is amazing. It’s crazy-good!

Elliot is having a great year, too. He’s loving band. He is playing percussion again, and is really excelling at it. He is making a ton of friends in band this year, too. He’s playing football, but I’m not sure he’s loving it. We’ll see if he decides to play for another year or not. He has lots –LOTS– of homework every night, which is a pain after not getting home until 6 o’clock every night because of football practice. But he really is loving school right now.

Zippy is doing well, but 6th grade is hard! He is having a hard time keeping his stuff organized, remembering to do homework, and remembering (and knowing how) to study for tests. But he’s doing a good job. His teachers still call him Elliot sometimes, and he’s keeping a tally of how many times each teacher does it. 🙂

Paul and Elliot have been loving football season, as usual. Weekends around our house are nothing but football.

And I? Well, I’ve been taking care of a sick kid for a month. We’ve had lots of doctor appointments here and there. And I’m trying to bring some order to my house that has really gotten out of control.

Oh, and I’ve been taking a lot of photos! I have really been enjoying it. New habit? or new addiction? The jury is still out on that one. But maybe it will be both. Either way, you will get to benefit from it because I can post them all here. Fun stuff!

Anyway, glad to be back … again!

Speaking of photos and addictions, here’s a photo I took today of the kids. They were waiting on me to go to lunch. Cracked me up!


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