Revisiting “Delight”

As you may or may not remember, I chose DELIGHT as my word for the year for 2012. Today, I’m revisiting that word and updating you on how I’m doing with it.

The update in a word: FAIL!

Really. I’ve already leveled with you in an earlier post about the place I’ve been in. I’ve been in a yucky place of not liking very many people (of course I always liked YOU!) and not liking very many things. I’ve been in a place of wanting to just stay within the 4 walls of my house while I learn to breathe again after our experiences of the last couple of years. I think when you reach the point of having to fight really, really hard for the basic rights of someone you love deeply, it affects you deeply. And it did me. So that’s where I’ve been.

But as I tried to force myself today to think of things I’ve been delighting in, I was able to think of several! Yay!

1. Lip Stuff. I love lip balm. I’m definitely addicted to it. I use it a million times a day, over and over and over again even before my lips get dry. I love the feeling of applying my lip balm. I buy lip balm often and have lip balm available in my car, in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the laundry room, in my purse … pretty much everywhere. I love it. And I certainly find delight in it. 🙂 What?? I do!

2. Zippy’s laughter. I’ve already confessed to you the number of hours we sat in front of the TV and explained to you how funny the shows are that we were watching. Zippy laughed and laughed and laughed at those shows. I MUST video his laughing for you so you can believe me when I say that his laugh is just about the funniest, most joyful sound ever in the world. In the history of the world. It is so carefree and so belly-felt. I love it!

3. Chloe’s communicating more. I have loved that Chloe is using her talker more to communicate. We had a lady come to our house 4 times a week over the summer to work with Chloe and increase her communication with her iPad/ Prolouquo2go, and Chloe did so well! She is so funny and has plenty to say — it’s just tricky to find out what it is she wants to say and program her talker accordingly! If what she wants to say is on there, she says it! I loved growing in that area with her and seeing her make such progress.

4. Bean burritos. Don’t judge me. But I have so loved eating bean burritos this summer. I think it’s another addiction, actually. I keep going through the drive-thru of Taco Bueno and Taco Casa and getting bean burritos. Yummy! They are a nice comfort food for me. Not to mention, while I order a bean burrito for myself, I can order a side of beans for Chloe, which she really delights in! She loves refried beans! 🙂

5. Ok. Speaking of addictions, I may as well add Dr Pepper to this list. I have certainly delighted in great big Dr Peppers this summer. You may have heard my big, heavy sighs as I took the first big gulp out of my daily Dr Pepper. Yeah, I like it that much!

6. Last but certainly, certainly not least: Elliot’s drumming. I have delighted in the sound of Elliot’s drumming — drumming on his drum set, drumming on the tenors borrowed from the school, drumming on the bar in the kitchen, drumming on the dashboard, drumming on his lap, drumming on the wall, drumming on his sister, drumming on the table at dinner … I have loved it. He is so growing in that talent and in that skill. It’s awesome to hear your kid making music!

So there… I have been delighting even in this dark season! Yay! Probably focusing on these things in which I delight would be a great way to delight more and more …. Except several of them are issues of addiction! Ha. Well, I’ll delight and also try to find some balance. 🙂

Still delighting in 2012!


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