I Remember …

Last week, we had 2 Chinese exchange students stay with us for 5 nights. (That’s a story for later — we really enjoyed it!) While they were here, they slept in Zippy’s room, and Zippy slept with me. Paul slept with us the first 2 nights, but he must have tired of it because he landed himself on the couch the other 3.

One night when Zippy was having a hard time going to sleep, I went in and laid with him. After a few minutes he reached up and touched my hair. He proceeded to run his fingers through my hair for a while.

It came flooding back to me. He used to play with my hair every day. Each morning (he woke up in the wee hours of morning every single day) he would come to bed with us and would play with my hair until he was back asleep. Several times during the day when we would snuggle or hug, his fingers automatically went to my hair. He played with my hair all of the time.

But what had happened? Why had he stopped? Had he grown out of the need for that calming, sensory, love experience? No. I now remembered that I (who am a little sensory-challenged, myself) went through a time when I couldn’t stand for him to touch my hair all of the time. (Please don’t judge me! It sounds terrible, doesn’t it?!) But I entered a season in which for some reason I couldn’t stand to be touched all of the time, and I remembered myself saying things like “not right now, Zippy,” and “don’t touch my face, Zippy,” and “oh, please don’t do that right now.” And lying here with Zippy, his hands in my hair, I knew that I had forced him to stop this amazingly sweet, loving touch with me.

And I loved the feeling of his hand in my hair.

He complained that my hair is a little too short (perhaps reason enough to grow it out again!), but we both enjoyed his playing with my hair.

“I remember that you always used to play with my hair,” I finally said to my now sleepy boy.

“Me, too,” he said.

I smiled that he remembered it. Maybe we could start this little habit up again after all.

“I miss it,” a sleepy Zippy said.

“Me, too,” I said back with a heart full of deep, deep affection for my boy.

Now a week has passed, and he hasn’t played with my hair every day. But he has done it several times. I will enjoy it when he does it, and I will really, really try to endure it even when it drives my sensory-self crazy. And we’ll just see how it goes. 😉


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mary Mabry on August 29, 2012 at 3:20 PM

    Okay!! So that brought tears to my eyes, as I, too, remember when Zippy used to do that. Had not even thought of it. I suppose, if I had, I would have assumed that he had just grown out of it. Praying you can both enjoy it for a season.


  2. Posted by tracylcarpenter on August 30, 2012 at 10:19 PM

    How precious. 


  3. Made me cry too! Oh my goodness, to be able to relive some of those precious moments.


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