Back to School

We had a great summer! But as they say: All Good Things Must Come to an End.

We knew the end was coming, and we played hard right up to the end. What a great summer!

But yesterday, reality struck hard in our home, and I sent my 3 playmates back to school. Elliot to 8th grade at the same junior high he attended last year; Zippy to 6th grade in the same elementary school he’s attended since he was 3 years old; and Chloe to 4th grade at a new school.


Zippy is always anxious for the start of a new year, and this year was no different with behaviors surfacing the last couple of weeks of summer. But when it came right down to it on the day before school started and then the morning that school started, Zippy was thrilled and singing about starting school. What a welcome change and a relief! He skipped off happily to 6th grade yesterday.

Elliot is always nervous with new things, tying his tummy up in knots and practically breaking into a sweat as we approach the location. Yesterday was no different. He was nervous. But did great and was excited to start the year.

Chloe, for really the first time ever, was beside herself anxious about school this year. She cried and screamed like she was being tortured every time someone mentioned the word school. It was so sad and totally broke my heart and took me by surprise. I decided maybe it was her age — maybe she’s just old enough that she’s getting nervous about stuff. But a friend of mine quickly pointed out the fact that Chloe has had less-than-stellar school experiences at different times in the past, and it makes complete sense for her to be apprehensive and scared to absolute death of doing it again. “Great, Mom is dropping me off at some unfamiliar place again for me to fend for myself against people that don’t understand me and can’t even communicate with me!” It’s really pitiful if you think about it.

But I’m really excited about school for her this year. I’m cautious since we’ve been really hurt and let down before. But I’m so encouraged and so hopeful that this year is going to be a good one for Chloe. We have a new team that I’m really excited about. Everyone seems really focused on doing what’s right and doing what’s best and working toward Chloe’s success. What an amazing thing a great school year for her would be!


The end of the First Day of School stories is that all three kids had a good day! Yay!

Zippy said it was a good day. He liked all 4 of his teachers. It was the “longest day ever of school! It seemed like 16 hours!” The pizza was good. The breakfast was not: it was a bagel egg sandwich with no top … No Top!! Recess was hot. And he was glad the day was done. “One day down, and 179 more to go!” he reported.

Elliot had a great day. He said he genuinely liked all of his teachers. Even though this was his 2nd year at this school, this was his first day in the 8th grade hall and he got lost. Finally after passing a friend 3 times in the hallway, she asked him why he was going in circles — and he hadn’t even realized he was going in circles! and at the end of Day One, he still had not located his locker even though he searched for it between each class! (I probably shouldn’t laugh so hard at these things, but I do!) Some ninth graders were mean and cussed at Elliot’s group of friends at lunch, but “a lot of ninth graders cuss.” And all “the sevies” were really, really tiny. I’m guessing you, like me, have no clue what a sevie is. Sevies are 7th graders. 🙂

And Chloe, the one I was so worried about all day, also had a good day. I had asked for a report at some point during the day. I got a call at 9:45 saying that Chloe had finally picked her head up off her desk. She was using her iPad talker to find a story to tell about her summer and was doing a lot better. The end of the day chat with her teacher revealed that Chloe even ate some lunch! Crazy awesome! My girl doesn’t eat unless things are good. (Of course, she was too upset to eat breakfast before school so maybe she was simply starved.) “The kids really like her,” the teacher reported. Several girls sat with her at recess. She was motivated by a sticker chart and did some work. She didn’t cry or scream out. Wow. Sounds like an amazing day!


And here’s hoping the good days continue!

Chloe has a challenging year ahead of her, getting used to a new school, increasing levels of curriculum, learning to play cello or violin, and communicating with new friends and teachers.

Zippy, too, has a big year ahead. Sixth grade is a big deal. He will be expected to carry more responsibility as well as a huge step in academics and curriculum.

And Elliot is taking some tough courses this year. Each of his core classes are Pre-AP and/or GT; plus his elective is Mandarin Chinese again. He will be in the drum line in the top band at school.

It’s a lot of pressure, but I’m hoping they will all 3 not just survive but thrive and shine!

It feels good so far. Hope it continues!

And how about your kids? Back in school?


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  1. Posted by Melissa Coco on August 28, 2012 at 4:29 PM

    I am soo happy:) hip hip hooray– you are one awesome momma by the way.


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