Proud to be Me!

While swimming recently, Meme told Zippy that his black curly hair was pretty. “The water drops in your curls look like diamonds in the sunlight!” she told him.

He thought the compliment was pretty swell! Diamonds in my curls! That’s awesome!

A little bit later, his usually-pale but presently very-sunburned cousin came to the pool. Everyone oohed and aahed about the painful looking sunburn.

Zippy said to everyone listening, “I’m glad I have dark skin so I don’t get a sunburn that bad!” And then he added, “And I’m glad I have black curls since it looks like I have diamonds in my hair!”

It’s wonderful to feel so great in your own skin and your own hair. And hopefully on the days that it doesn’t feel so great and he wonders why his skin and hair is different than his brother’s, he will remember the diamonds!



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