Fish … Seriously!

It was a couple of years ago that Zippy discovered he likes the Filet o’ Fish sandwich at McDonalds. He tried a bite of it one day when I ordered it for myself — it’s my favorite at McDs. He decided then that he liked it, and it’s been his favorite since then, too.

He since then has tried fish sandwiches at several other restaurants — some of which he liked; others he really didn’t. But fish sandwiches have remained a favorite.

Also, from time to time, I cook fish filets or fish sticks for an easy dinner. He loves those, too, and sometimes requests them.

This past week I got some fish filets to cook for dinner. The boys had theirs on a hamburger bun, making it a homemade Filet o’ Fish. We got in a deep family discussion about the difference in calling a sandwich a fish filet vs. a Filet o’ Fish. It was a little bit of an emotional conversation for Zippy as he seemed to take it personally and wanted to call all fish sandwiches a Filet 0′ Fish, but others at the table were insisting that that was a trademarked name and that other fish sandwiches shouldn’t be called by that name.

When Paul tried to explain the situation a little more clearly by starting at the very beginning … like as far back as a fish in the pond … Zippy was in for quite a surprise.

Fish!!?? I’m eating fish??!!” he exclaimed with his mouth full of his fish sandwich. “This is a real fish??”

We all had quite a laugh at his expense as the reality sunk in of all the fish he had unknowingly consumed the last couple of years.

“Yes, you’re eating a real fish. And all those other fish sandwiches were real fish, too!” We had a good time explaining.

Zippy was imediately done with his dinner. We’re still not sure if he’ll ever order another Filet o’ Fish or fish filet again!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Poor little guy! Lol

    I know my little one raises an eyebrow when we serve chicken, now that he has met his Abuelo’s chickens.


  2. Oh my goodness gracious…I can see Zippy now. And, yes, his mouth would be full of his meal as he said it. Too funny.


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