Hi. I’ve been gone a while. <sheepish grin>

There are just times when the mama decides it’s not a good time to air the family’s laundry: good or bad. And that’s what happened. I’ll be able to fill you in somewhat soon. But for now, let me just say that it’s good to be back, and I missed you! 😉

We are deep into summer — you can be glad that you got to miss out on my whining about all the end-of-year projects my kids had and all the award ceremonies and recitals and concerts that just about push me over the edge every year. The last few weeks of school are brutal schedule-wise!! But oh, how I love to be done with stuff and for summer to come in all it’s glory!

I LOVE to have my kids home for the summer! I love to play with them! I love to hear their voices in the other room! I love that I’m the one they are telling their stories to! I love spending time with them day and night. I love making memories with them! LOVE!!

The problem is, I sorta get in this vacation mode and forget that we still have responsibilities … like watering the lawn, fixing dinner, doing laundry, going to appointments, cleaning house … Yes, I must fight against the total vacation mode idea! Life must go on even with the fun and games of summer!

So I’m back. It’s summer. And I’m happy.

Hope you are, too! 🙂


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