Safety Sleeper Travels!

Ok, you already know how much we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Chloe’s bed, right? Well, we love it even more after having traveled with it.

Over spring break, we planned a little get-away for a few days. The day we left we had to leave very early in order to get to our destination by lunchtime since we were meeting my nephew for lunch. I set the alarm extra early so that Paul and Elliot would have time to take down Chloe’s Safety Sleeper bed and figure out how to get it back in its little travel bag.

Unfortunately, my alarm didn’t go off as planned so we got a 30 minute later start than planned. I was worried we’d leave later than we really needed to.

The amazing, surprising news? Before I even realized that Paul had gone to Chloe’s room to take her bed down… before I could even send Elliot back there to help him figure it out, Paul came out of Chloe’s room grinning and holding the bright pink bag that held all the parts to Chloe’s bed. It took Paul less than 6 minutes to take it apart and pack it up! Wow!!

And we were ready to hit the road … on time!

(In case you’re wondering, we made it in time to eat with my nephew! :))

That first night in the hotel, Paul set up Chloe’s bed right beside the window, where you’d put a roll-away if you ordered one. And he set up Chloe’s bed by himself in only 5 minutes! Voila! It was ready to go! It took longer to blow up the twin air mattress that we had purchased than to set up Chloe’s Safety Sleeper!

And it worked like a charm. In the past when we sleep in hotels, I push one of the beds against the wall and put Chloe next to the wall, me in the middle, and Elliot on the other side of me. And then I hardly sleep because I’m squished and claustrophobic between them — and because I can’t go to sleep too deeply for fear that Chloe will escape the bed and possibly the room! But with the Safety Sleeper, I slept more soundly, knowing that she was secure and safe in her bed!

We stayed two nights in that hotel, and then we traveled to Paul’s parents’ house for a night or two. Again, Paul set the bed up easily in their guestroom in under 5 minutes time! For the first time since Chloe was mobile, I was able to stay up with the grownups instead of laying with Chloe to make sure she stayed put.

What a way to travel!! Love it!

And I think Chloe did, too.

The Safety Sleeper for travel? Ummmm, YES!! 🙂


*Disclaimer: Rose gave me a good deal on The Safety Sleeper and I’ll be credited a bit with every buyer who mentions me because I promised that I would talk about it on my blog. But as most of you know by now, I’m gonna tell it how it is! So you know I’m not joshing or exaggerating the truth. The truth is that the bed is incredible, and I have a feeling I’ll be singing its praises for a long, long time!  If you visit the website or purchase a bed, be sure to let Rose know that I sent you! 🙂

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Rose on April 26, 2012 at 9:45 PM

    Ahhhh WONDERFUL!!! So happy that you’re getting to experience some normalcy!!! Hope your mini vaca was amazing.


    • Oh, Rose, it was!! 🙂 Loved traveling with the bed! I thought it would be such a pain. But it WAS NOT!!


    • And, funny to think of it as normalcy. Funny. That’s exactly what it is, isn’t it? Traveling with the same comfort and safety that families travel with without even thinking about it. Interesting thought: normalcy. 🙂


  2. Posted by Melissa Coco on April 26, 2012 at 10:01 PM

    yeah! 🙂


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