Update on my Word for 2012.  I am delighting in:

  • spring-like weather!
  • Chloe’s throwing a big ol fit to express her frustration
  • basketball season with my boys
  • watching Wheel of Fortune with the family
  • the boys playing together
  • Chloe dribbling, dribbling, dribbling the basketball
  • an evening with nothing to do
  • a freshly-mowed lawn
  • finally discovering what was stinking up my fridge!
  • new air fresheners
  • new batteries
  • a clean bathroom
  • a new shirt
  • friends who “get it”
  • celebrating my nephew’s graduation from Basic Training in the Air Force!
  • bedtime ritual with Zippy of reciting a special poem while rubbing his cute face
  • holding Zippy’s hand while walking across a parking lot
  • hearing Elliot practice drums/bells
  • Chloe voting NO! to going to her brothers’ basketball games
  • making progress on some goals that I set for this year
  • speaking of, feeling like I’ve conquered the new “one space after a period” rule!
  • playing Words With Friends with Elliot

… Yes, I’m delighting! 🙂


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