Driving on Christmas night, I saw a skunk on the side of the road. It was a real, live skunk.

Now, I must say that I’ve seen and smelled plenty of skunks in my time, but the number of live skunks?? Not many. Usually the skunks I see and smell are gross roadkill that turn my stomach. So it really got my attention to see a real, alive black with a white stripe skunk near my house.

It reminded me of one of my favorite childhood memories — a time when my parents encountered a real, live, stinky skunk. Here’s how I remember the story. (Watch the comments for my parents’ attempted corrections at the details of the story . . . I’ve warned you that I have a terrible memory.)

We lived in the country when I was growing up so nature and animals were part of our experience. But thankfully, the following run-in was a bit unusual even for us.

It seems that our dog cornered a little skunk in the corner of our garage. Not the far corner of the garage. Nope. He cornered the skunk in the corner next to the door leading to the house — the corner right in front of the air in-take. The altercation between dog and skunk filled our house with skunk scent in no time.

If I remember the story correctly, my brave dad stepped outside on the porch in his jammies and after some effort, caught the little scared skunk in a trashcan and hauled it off to the back of the yard. Yes, a brave and dangerous gesture, but it did nothing to get rid of the stench. The house –every inch of it — smelled of skunk.

Mom did lots of washing in tomato juice to cut through the skunk smell. Yuck. I’m guessing that we three kids did a lot of complaining about the smell that just wouldn’t stop. But then, the smell seemed to weaken a bit. Maybe it was going away.

The next week, my dad had an appointment in a building in downtown Fort Worth. He dressed in his suit and tie and made his way downtown. He stepped on the elevator and made his way up to the 6th floor. On about the 3rd floor, a couple of men stepped on the elevator with him. The men immediately smelled a skunk and started complaining about the smell. They could not believe that they were smelling a skunk in downtown Fort Worth and on the 6th floor! Crazy!

On the 6th floor, Dad let the other men step off the elevator, but Dad pushed the button to go back to the 1st floor. He rode the elevator down and walked out to his car. He made his way home and reported to my mom that he smelled like a skunk and that she had some more laundry to do. Apparently the skunk smell was in everything, including all of our clothes.

Most times when I smell a skunk, I think of this story and smile. How embarrassing to be the skunk that someone smells in an elevator in downtown Fort Worth! Just another experience that probably made my dad’s character even stronger! Humility is a good thing, right? 🙂


4 responses to this post.

  1. I think the funniest part of this is that I can TOTALLY envision your Dad on that elevator LOL


    • I know, Lynsey, and I’m guessing Dad may or may not have joined in with the guys on the elevator with feigned surprise and disgust about the skunk smell until they were long gone and before he made his stinky escape!! 😉


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