Stolen Goods

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Okay, is it just MY kid, or do all kids get stolen from left and right their first year in middle school??

It is ridiculous!

Perhaps we’ve been sheltered in our little elementary school existence.  But the real world theft of junior high is crazy!

The first couple of weeks of school Elliot came home talking about several teacher phones that had been stolen from their desks or their classrooms!  And on picture day, the photographer’s phone was stolen!  Unbelievable!

Then the experience started hitting closer to home when Elliot was stolen from.  One day his brand new football cleats were stolen from his athletics locker.  Seriously!  They had his last name written in green Sharpie on the back of each shoe, but someone stole them anyway.

And twice in two weeks, someone tore his lanyard from his ID card through the little holes in his locker!  Ugh.

Then a couple of times during the season, his football pants were stolen out of his locker.  That was a pain because when he had to get new pants from the coach, he had to take the time to get the pads put back in the new pants each time.  (The good thing here was that for the last two games, he ended up with a pair of pants that actually fit him!)

Then his cleats showed back up one day.  He wore them for one game, and they disappeared again.  This really happened.  I swear I am not making this up!

The puzzling thing is, Elliot is a really organized and responsible kid.  He keeps up with his stuff, he puts it where it goes, and he remembers where it is.  I can’t understand why this is happening.

The coach finally gave Elliot a new lock since perhaps someone knew his combination.

Well, Friday just about did Elliot in for good.  He came to the car declaring that he would never go back to school again!

Get ready for a doozy.

Friday was day 4 of basketball try-outs.  Elliot went to his locker and opened it up.  He took off his brand new basketball shoes that I had just bought the night before.  Then, he noticed that his shorts were gone from his locker — someone had stolen them!  He went to the coach’s office to report that again he had been stolen from.  After talking to the coach, he returned to his locker to find that his brand new basketball shoes were gone!  Someone had just stolen his not-even-24-hours-old-brand-new-bright-blue basketball shoes that he had just taken off of his feet!  He apparently nearly lost it.  He was too upset to tell the coach, and just spent the athletics period helping out with the team managers and trying to keep his now bare feet hidden from view — and he missed trying out for the basketball team!

After class, several of Elliot’s friends helped him go around and peek into all the lockers to see if they could find Elliot’s bright blue brand new shoes.  But they were not to be found.  Just as the last of the boys were leaving from the locker room, one of Elliot’s friends spotted Elliot’s shoes — on the feet of another boy!!!  Yes, it is true.  I could not make this stuff up!

Thankfully, a friend of Elliot’s went with him, and together they confronted the boy with the bright blue shoes, saying those were Elliot’s shoes.  The boy claimed he had just found them in the hall and had put them on.  Thankfully again, the little thief took the shoes off and gave them back to Elliot who was relieved on so many levels — not the least of which was not having to go lunch barefoot!!

When Elliot relayed the story to me, I was livid.  It is so ridiculous.  And someone please try to explain to me the mentality of seeing some really cool shoes sitting there . . . and deciding to put them on your own feet.  Somebody help me here.  I can not begin to fathom that mind set at all.  And let’s say that the kid didn’t get caught at school and wore those shoes home.  What would his mama say?  And what would he tell his mama?  And would his mama be okay with the fact that he had found them in the hall so had snagged them??  That is some crazy stuff right there.  (Picture me shaking my head and making my eyeballs bulge. . .)

I wrote the coaches an email telling them the story and begging for mercy about Elliot trying out for the basketball team.  If he gets cut because he just isn’t the best of players, then okay; but if he gets cut because someone stole his shorts AND his shoes???  Ummm, no, I’m gonna have to step in and help handle that one.

The coach wrote back after a few minutes thanking me for the details of the story and assuring me that Elliot would have another opportunity to try out on Monday!  Phew!  What a relief for us all!  (I also asked for help in coming up with a plan for Elliot to secure his belongings in athletics, and the coach agreed to help with that, too.)

Our weekend has been filled with jokes about stealing Elliot’s shoes right out from under him . . . .  Even our next door neighbor has joined in the fun since the bright blue shoes would look spectacular with her bright blue scrubs!

And Elliot is a little worried that the Blue Shoe Thief is going to beat him up after school once the coach gets ahold of him.  But I assured Elliot I will continue to be there waiting for him when the bell rings and that I’m pretty sure I can drive faster than that kid can run — even if it is a school zone!

And besides, surely Elliot can outrun that little thief as long as he wears those very cool, very blue, very fast brand new bright blue shoes!

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11 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kara on November 5, 2011 at 11:28 PM

    If the thief’s mom is like the thief in our 3rd grade class’ mom – she pays no attention to what the child does or has and therefore will never know or care about what has happened. I so wish I could be kidding. Not all Mom’s are attentive and loving and responsible. Not all kids are taught right from wrong and some may have even helped their own parents steal from stores. I have seen it happen. It is sad and disgusting and I’m sorry it has affected y’all too. 😦


    • Yes, Kara, that thought crossed my mind, too. Unfortunately some kids have been trained to look for such opportunities and take advantage of them. Sad. So now my boy is having to learn how to defend and protect against it! Weird. . . .


  2. Posted by Shannon Rosson on November 6, 2011 at 7:56 AM

    My brother had the same issue when he was in high school. Someone stole his shoes. It just so happened he saw them on another kid’s feet and got them back. However, it took a teacher/coach to take care of it. Some kids will steal anything! It is crazy!


  3. Posted by Tammie on November 6, 2011 at 9:35 AM

    Poor Elliot! We haven’t had anything like that happen with Dylan this year. Maybe they had a little sympathy since he had the big bright green cast. I hope next week is better for Elliot =)


  4. This is unreal. I hope they actually do something to put a stop to this! How frustrating for Elliot to have to deal with this all the time.

    I am so far behind on reading your blog. I hope I can get caught up this week!


    • You must be like me — when things are rough on the home / school front, internet and blog life sort of suffers!! I’ve been thinking of you during your rough times with school. Praying your peace continues!!


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