The Daily Stuff

Raise your hand if a few of these sound familiar.  Reach for a tissue and cry with me if they all sound familiar!!  😉

There is more laundry than can be done in a day.

Who is coming behind me and messing up these rooms I just cleaned?

Homework x3.  Ugh.

Car trouble.  Trips to the mechanic.

It doesn’t get more routine than changing light bulbs.

Where does all this dust come from?

I’d better run get some groceries since there is nothing to eat.

The boys are nit-picking each other again.

Someone’s playing football in the living room.

How many neighbor kids can we fit in our TV room?

Didn’t I just clean out my car?

More letters to write?  And more research to do?

I have to plan dinner EVERY night?!

I find crispy, dirty socks EVERYWHERE!  (except in the laundry basket!!)

Someone in the family is in a “shredding phase.”  There are little pieces EVERYWHERE!

How many times in one week must I fix the bed tent??

Mom’s Taxi Service . . .  where’s the next stop?  and what time do you want to be picked up?

Kids are disappointed that they didn’t get the part.

Kids get frustrated about their grades — and that their parents care about their grades.

The alarm goes off before I’m ready to wake up.

Tick-tock.  Tick-tock.  Where did that hour just go?

Junk mail.  Junk email.  Junk hung on the front door.

My gas light is on again??

Where have all of our spoons disappeared to??

Is this really just Tuesday?

Which of these can YOU relate to?



One response to this post.

  1. Sadly, I can relate to most of these. 😦


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