I had a teacher conference today.  The teacher bragged and bragged about my child.  There are no problems at all.  The teacher reported that my child was “studious and focused.”

Just the kind of parent / teacher conference every parent longs to have.  Yes, I beamed with pride . . . but I was also very surprised.

This was a conference with Zach’s Language Arts teacher.  Proud, yes, because studious and focused are both great qualities to have.  But surprised because no teacher has ever spoken those words about Zach.

Studious and Focused.


I immediately said a prayer, claiming those two attributes for my sweet boy.

This teacher was on maternity leave at the beginning of the year and this week is only her 2nd week to have Zach in class.  But she reported a star student.  Wow!

She even has him last period of the day — a time that it wouldn’t have surprised me if his meds were wearing off by then, but she reported that he’s studious and focused.

I again prayed and asked God to make it so!  I so often wish that something — anything! — were easy for Zach.  I feel like he struggles with every single thing in life.  If he were suddenly studious and focused, then maybe a few things would come easier for him.

The teacher did point out the fact that Zach still reverses his b’s and d’s.  Yes, he’s always done that.  But that was her ONLY concern!

It makes me laugh with absolute joy!  It totally cracks me up and puts a smile on my face!  Yippee!

Zachary — Zippy — Studious and Focused.  Yes, Lord.  Let it be!  Let it be!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Way to go Zippy!


  2. Posted by Renee' on October 15, 2011 at 11:48 PM

    Yea Zippy! We knew you could do it! God will continue to answer our prayers!!!


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