A Knife for Zachary

(Love to grab your attention with a title like that!!  LOL!  I would love to hear what your thoughts were when you read the title!  Leave me a comment and let me know!!)

Finnish outdoor knife for fishing and hunting

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Recently, a young boy rode in our van with us.  The boy is 10 and has a little brother who just turned 7.  The boy began sharing tales of his and his brother’s adventures out on  their land  . . . and the adventures involved knives.  REAL knives!  Apparently they both have a collection of REAL KNIVES!

Well, I have a child who loves swords and knives.  I have a child who drools with pleasure each time I open the knife drawer and choose a knife for slicing or dicing.  I have a child who was listening to this boy’s tales with disbelief and awe.

Yes, Zippy.  Zippy loves knives and swords and has since he was about 3.  I know for years all of our friends thought a little sword or knife was permanently implanted in his hand because it went everywhere Zippy went.

Zippy, excited about the tales he was hearing, began his spiel about how unfair it was that a 7-year-old has a real knife but Zippy doesn’t.  After all, Zippy’s 10 — plus a couple of months!  He wanted to know why he can’t have a knife.  He asked if he could have one for his birthday.  He chanted that he, too, wanted a knife.  And while we’re talking about it, he also wants a REAL sword for Christmas!!

Then Paul asked the question:  “Zippy, tell me 3 things you’d do with a knife.”

I instructed everyone to be quiet and not help him think of his 3 things.

Except for the uhs and ummmmms, Zippy was silent.  He was searching for some great knife ideas that would be practical and necessary.  But he was unable to find any.

Finally he piped up, “You know those woods by that red light?  I could find some pigs!”

“Yeah,” I agreed, suppressing laughter at picturing Zippy hunting wild boar with his knife.

What followed were more uhs and ummmmms as Zippy’s imagination was searching for more exciting ideas.

“Well, I would say fish except our lake is catch and release,” he explained.  Good point that a fish that had been stabbed with a knife by a young boy would not be a fish to release back into the lake.  Elliot reminded him that there are other lakes in which he could use his knife to catch fish.  Zippy liked that idea and chose “fish” as his second answer.

Again, there were uhs and ummmmmmms coming from the backseat.

“SNAKES!” Zippy exclaimed.  “I could use it for snakes!”

Paul and I agreed that those were 3 interesting ideas to consider for kniving activities.

“So, can I have one???!!!” Zippy wanted to know.

“Not today,” came his wise mother’s reply.  🙂


4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Tammie on September 13, 2011 at 7:03 AM

    Hysterical!! Love the laughters of daily life….and I love, love, love Zachary’s imagination!


  2. Posted by Mimi on September 13, 2011 at 8:30 AM

    Terrifying—my first three thoughts!!!


  3. Posted by Jamie on September 14, 2011 at 10:54 AM

    My first thought was No…Kelly would not allow that…so there must be more to this story! =))


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