Meet the Teacher

Well, Meet the Teacher Night was a little bit brutal.

We went with Zippy to meet his 5th grade teachers. . .  at the school where Chloe attended with him last year. . . the same school that she is not allowed to attend this year.  Yeah, it was a tad brutal.

It felt completely wrong to be there meeting teachers and pretending to be excited about it when Chloe is not allowed within the walls.  The people who made the decision to change Chloe’s placement were there welcoming children back to school.  But I knew that they were not welcoming all the children back to school.  I knew that not everyone was invited back.

Chloe was sitting at home with Mimi so she didn’t have to be face-to-face with the discrimination.  I won’t (and don’t) always shield her from things like that.  She has to unfortunately get used to the fact that there will always be people who don’t want her around.  There will always be people who don’t invite her.  That’s life.  And she has to get used to that.  But tonight I opted not to put her through it.

I think the truth of the matter is that maybe I didn’t want to go through it myself.  The truth is that it hurts sometimes.  Would that I were the one who didn’t get invited.  That’s easier to stomach than Chloe not being invited.

When teachers or other parents asked about Chloe?  I just told them straight out, “They didn’t allow her to come back this year.”  The news was met with gasps and surprise.  The news was met with heads shaking in disbelief.  The news was hard to break every time someone asked.  But I will not sugarcoat what Chloe is going through and what she is facing.  People need to know the truth.  And our family is going to tell the truth.

We are disappointed but still determined.  We are shaken but not destroyed.  We are discriminated against but not shut down.

The next weeks will be difficult as we decide exactly what to do and what steps to take.  But the real truth is that the difficult times will not only last a few weeks.  The real truth is that the next years and the next decades will be difficult.  We are in it for the long haul, and unfortunately we have a long way to haul in our society as is.



7 responses to this post.

  1. So glad you didn’t sugar coat the truth with the teachers. Sometimes I don’t think they know the real truth, so it is a surprise when they hear the other side. I think it would’ve been priceless for Zippy to ask the principal where Chloe’s class was!


    • I think you’re right, Jennifer. Teachers acted shocked to hear that Chloe wasn’t coming back. You should have heard Zippy the first time I told someone last night that Chloe wasn’t allowed to come back. He acted as though that was the first time he’d ever heard the news. He sorta freaked out right there in his new teacher’s room! He cracks me up. I hated that it looked to his new teacher like I hadn’t shared the news with Zach yet! But it was pretty comical — and just Oh, so Zach!! 😉


  2. Posted by Mimi on August 20, 2011 at 2:17 PM

    You think not being invited is a little like being EXCLUDED?!!!!!!!!!


  3. Posted by Audrey on August 20, 2011 at 6:54 PM

    I’m so sorry to hear that Chloe was excluded. I wish you the best as you fight this worthwhile battle. Are there any other parents (or advocates) in your area that could help?


    • Thanks for your comment, Audrey. Yes, I have a good support system that is helping us every step of the way. They are a blessing and a great reminder to us to keep on keeping on!


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