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“She needs to learn to communicate,” the angry and closed-minded school officials repeated over and over.  “Until she decides communication is important, she will struggle.”  “She needs to gain communication.”  My and my friends’ attempts to convince them that she DOES communicate fell on deaf ears.

And then I return home to my kids.  I return home to my daughter who doesn’t communicate.

While playing in her room with Mimi the next day, Elliot came back and joined them.  Apparently Chloe was annoyed with his being there.

“Out!!” Chloe vocalized and signed with both hands.

Elliot, laughing at her strong feelings and demands, stood at the door, continuing to annoy her.

Chloe stood up, went to her bedroom door, gave Elliot a good shove, and slammed the door in his face.

Hmmmmm.  Too bad Chloe doesn’t communicate her feelings and needs.

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