Fiesta Texas

Entrance to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.

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The next leg of our trip was in San Antonio.  We spent the better part of 2 days at Six Flags Fiesta Texas, where it is hot, hot, hot!

I think San Antonio was a good 10 degrees cooler than Fort Worth, but quite honestly, I’m never outside in the heat of the day in Fort Worth.  If I’m out in the heat at home, it’s only because I’m going to and from my car between air conditioned buildings.  Especially this summer, we have been cave dwellers, hardly emerging from the AC!

We have season passes to Six Flags so we got to go to Fiesta Texas for free!!  Paul even had free parking passes so we didn’t have to pay the $15 to park!  For 2 days, that would have been $30 of parking!  Both days, there was a handicapped parking space close to the entrance so we were all happy campers.

We sprayed each other with sunscreen and ventured off into the hot, exciting world of roller coasters and log rides.

And we were not disappointed!

A note on Six Flags and People with Disabilities:  Six Flags is a very disability-friendly park.  We learned this back in December when we first purchased our season passes.  If you visit the Hospitality or Guest Relations booth, you can get a Disability Pass (not sure if that’s what they call it) for your child with a disability.  This pass allows front of the line access to nearly every ride.  That’s huge!  The first man that told me about it said that they started it for children with autism who usually have a very hard time waiting in line to ride the rides.  With the Pass, you usually enter through the exit of the ride and check in with the attendant.  He/She will tell you when it’s your turn to ride.  Usually 4 people can go to the front of the line with the PassHolder.  We got passes for both Chloe and Zippy, and it was awesome!

Since it was so hot, Chloe and I watched as many air conditioned shows as we could.  There were not nearly enough of them!  But the shows were great.  Chloe loved the music and dancing.  And all the indoor theaters had wheelchair seating on the front row that was nearly always available.

A note for people sitting beside the wheelchair accessible seating:  If you don’t have anyone in your party who is sitting in a wheelchair and a mom and daughter come to sit in the wheelchair seating, you should MOVE so that the mom can actually sit next to her daughter!  I realize you got there early to secure your front row seats and that it seems unfair that someone who came in a few minutes later than you  get one of your seats, but there are maybe FOUR wheelchair seats in the entire theater.  You could’ve moved back ONE ROW for us!  I would’ve loved to sit beside my daughter for the show.  Come on, people, get a clue!

But seriously, Chloe and I loved the shows and loved the air conditioner!  When there were no shows, we hid out in restaurants for a while to cool off.

Zippy mostly hung out with Chloe and me because he can’t stand the heat, but a few times he ventured off with Elliot and Paul to ride some big kid rides.

Elliot was very brave and rode all of the big scary rides!  Paul was a trooper and rode all those big scary rides, too, and ended up with “roller coaster headache” both days!

We purchased the very expensive souvenir cups when we arrived at the park, but the first day you get to refill as many times as you want for FREE!  We refilled our cups lots of times.  And the rest of the season, you only pay $1 for each refill.  We more than got our money’s worth on the 2 cups we purchased!

The 2nd day, Chloe and Zippy were begging to go back to the hotel for hours.  I finally gave in and took them back to the hotel to rest, cool off, and watch cable!  Our hotel was just a few minutes from Six Flags so it was easy to run back up there and pick up the big boys later!

Enjoy our photos and videos from our 2 day stay at Six Flags Fiesta Texas!  🙂

Zippy was dying for something cold even before we got in the gate!!

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  1. Fiesta Texas seems to have a different view of the disabilities pass than Arlington. At SF Arlington, we might we for a couple minutes. They’ll get us on a ride pretty quickly. At SFFT, it seems like the thinking was to get us on the ride in the amount of time we would have to wait in line, but not wait in line. So if they estimate that the line has a 30 minute wait, they’ll say come back in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, they hold your pass. So it’s nice not to wait in the line, but you don’t save time.


    • Yes, Paul, thanks for pointing that out! The 2 Six Flags parks we’ve attended do it quite differently. In the post above I actually explained what Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington does with their Disability Pass. The Fiesta Texas way was a bit odd — you sorta made an appointment to come back and ride the ride. So, as Paul said, they would show up, the attendant would say to come back in 45 minutes and you would leave and come back at your time. But the attendant kept the Pass until you came back. I don’t think that’s how it was intended. There were spots on the Pass for them to write your appointed time in the slot, and I think they were supposed to give that Pass back to you so you could use it elsewhere. The Pass was a bit of a pain at Fiesta Texas. Thanks for reminding me of that, Paul — I got sidetracked when writing this post and forgot to mention that.


  2. Posted by Melissa Coco on August 3, 2011 at 2:48 PM

    Looks like you guys had a great time! 🙂
    Cute pics!


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