Things Learned . . .

Things Learned While On Vacation:

1.  Texas is hotter than blazes right now!!

2.  Fiesta Texas San Antonio is the hottest place on the planet.

3.  The San Marcos River is ice cold.  ICE cold.

4.  The beach at Port Aransas is sandy.  yep.

5.  5 aired up inner-tubes are difficult to fit in a minivan that is already holding 5 people.

6.  The Mastin clan cooks some yummy food!

7.  Electronics while traveling is the best idea of the decade.

8.  Zachary and Chloe are homebodies!  And beg to come home after a couple of days.

9.  Elliot doesn’t feel the heat quite as much as the rest of us who were begging for AC.

10.  The “quarter mile hike” to the Hamilton Pool is the longest quarter mile ever.

11.  Chloe gets heavy after carrying her on your shoulders for a “quarter mile” hike.  (ask Paul)

12.  Chloe gets heavy after carrying her around in a tiny, uneven cavern for half an hour.  (again, ask Paul)

13.  There is a long line of people waiting to get into Fiesta Texas at 10:30AM.

14.  There are not nearly enough air-conditioned shows at Fiesta Texas.

15.  Getting a ride back out of Hamilton Pool is so much better than hiking out with a 55 lb. kid on your shoulders.

16.  Going down the chute in the river on your belly without a tube is painful.

17.  It is possible to sleep past breakfast time at La Quinta.  (Seriously, 9AM??)

18.  Hotel rooms with working ACs are awesome!!  (Better than last time!)

19.  Feeding the animals at Wonder World is slimy work.  Yuck!

20.  Chloe stays put in her bed when she’s hugely exhausted and up til midnight.



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