God is Still God!

Recently when I faced a disappointment, I was feeling down.  I was let down.  I was dejected and deflated.

But my brother in the prayer to bless the food before lunch said, “God, thank you that You are in control.”

Those words opened my eyes (figuratively and literally!) and immediately encouraged me.

God IS in control.  He knows my situation thoroughly.  He was not surprised by any outcome.  He was not disappointed.  He was not defeated.  He was in control.  And everything happened exactly like He planned for it to happen.

I still don’t understand it.  Things still didn’t happen like I wanted them to happen.  I still have to count my losses and learn from this situation.

But He is still God.  And He is in control.  He is STILL in control.

With that knowledge, I can’t be disappointed.  I can’t be disappointed.

That is a huge realization for me.

The God who controls the sun . . . the God who commands the seas . . . the God who created the universe . . . is still in control and is not at all surprised by any of this.  If He can control the sun and the seas, can’t He control my situations?

Yes, He can!  I am positive that He can!


3 responses to this post.

  1. Wanted to clarify . . . a friend called me to ask if the post “My Cry for Inclusion” and this post were related . . . like was I disappointed in the outcome of the meeting at Chloe’s school. No, the two are NOT related. I should have made that clear since they were posted so close together. And thanks for your concern, Maranda! 🙂


  2. God created us to be in his image. He has indeed been disappointed in us. He has let us know, yes? Therefore, it is human to feel disappointment. It is ok to feel disappointment. We just have to move on and accept the situation we are left with even if it is not to our liking. And keep postitive but by reading you, I feel you are a positive person. Good luck with all your endeavors.


    • Thanks, Kimberly! Yes, we have a choice to either be positive or not. I feel that life is easier and more manageable when I choose to be positive! 🙂


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