One Man Band

Oh, how I wish I had eyes in the back of my head.  And a video recorder in those back-of-my-head eyes!  Yes!  That’s what I need!

You should know that my kids and I love music.  We especially love worship music.  We always listen to our local Christian radio station, KLTY, when we are in the car.  And we sing along like crazy!

And have I mentioned that Elliot is playing the drums?  Yes, he started lessons in March and is quite good.  He is playing percussion next year in the junior high band.  He will oftentimes play the rhythm on his knees while we are all singing at the top of our lungs in the car.

I’m sure we’re a sight.

If I am distracted with something else, and I don’t have the radio turned up very loudly, then it will never fail that Zippy hollers at me to turn it up.  But usually before he asks me to turn it up, Chloe starts chanting, “UP!  Up!  UP!” and pointing her skinny little finger to the sky, demanding that I turn up the tunes!

We do really enjoy music.

There is one particular song that the station used to play that begins with this fun little ukulele ditty.  Each time the song comes on, I pretend to play a little uke and do some smart little motions as Zippy and I are singing at the top of our lungs.  We do not, as a general rule, play pretend instruments when we sing in the car, but this particular ukulele part especially sets the mood.

Well, the other day during a short car ride, I saw some movement out of the corner of my eye.  Chloe was playing a ukulele — or was it a guitar — to a totally different song.  And then as I stole quick sneaky glances, she proceeded to play the drums on her knees to the beat of the song.  And, oh, look now!  She was playing an air trumpet!  And she finished the show with a little violin performance!  Oh, me!  I was silently cracking up and couldn’t wait to tell Elliot about Chloe’s extensive instrument use during this car ride!

I love to hear my kids sing.  It really does warm my heart to hear my 3 kids burst into song while we’re on the highway!  Chloe has her little humming parts — usually humming the echo parts of songs and even harmonizing at different parts.  Some of the songs go so fast and have so many words that Zippy stumbles over the words, but he keeps on and keeps on.  And I love that Elliot loves to have worship songs on his MP3 player and has no clue of the yucky pop music stars that other tweens and teens are listening to.

I love to hear my kids play instruments.  Both boys have recorders and go through spurts of playing them lots and lots.  I love to hear them making music all of the time.  And now with Elliot playing the drums, I get to hear him bang! bang! banging! on his drums in his room.  I love it!

I imagine that’s probably how God feels to hear us, HIS children, sing songs to Him.  Whether we are singing songs in church on Sunday, or singing songs in the shower, or singing while we drive down the highway — I have a feeling it makes Him smile when we sing to Him.  I think He enjoys it even when we sing off key and even if our beat is a little off.  He’s our Father . . . and He enjoys us, I think!

And if you see a van-ful of a happy little family on East Loop 820 singing and playing pretend instruments with not a care in the world — either join us or smile at us . . . but try not to laugh at us!  We are truly in our own element and having a ball!


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  1. Posted by Angel on July 12, 2011 at 3:34 PM

    I love it! When the boys climbed in with us in Saledo, Zippy asked us to turn it up too (the Message was on the radio) and Elliot asked us if it was KLTY. . .which started a conversation among our boys on music. How funny!! We’re right there with you, jamming out the tunes–just wish we could get KLTY in Miami, until that time we have Pandora!


  2. I SO needed to hear that “ukulele ditty” this morning!!! I’m sitting her trying to regain composure after Wade decided he needed to get up at 5:30AM, after going to bed around 9:00PM, after I tossed and turned all night, before we have to take a road trip later today! This made me smile and cry because in the big scheme of things, this really doesn’t matter!


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