No youtube for You!

Chloe went to bed a little after 9 with no bed tent.  She was excited, and I think she was determined to stay put in her bed — I could just tell.  I checked on her every few minutes and bragged on her for staying put and reminded her of her consequences if she got up.  She was doing great but was NOT going to sleep.  Ugh.  She literally takes hours to fall asleep most nights.  Every few minutes for nearly 3 hours I checked on her.

Every few minutes until midnight, I checked on that sweet girl.  She stayed in her bed.  She did play with the blind cord a few times and got in trouble for that, but for the most part she was doing incredibly well.  But. I. had. to. go. to. bed.  I was sleepy.  So about midnight I went to bed and left her to her little self.

This is what I found this morning when I snuck in to check on her:

Hmmmm.  Well, certainly no youtube for you today, Chloe!  Maybe tomorrow.  She’s got to be exhausted — from the looks of her room, she played for HOURS!  Again, wish us luck tonight!  🙂


3 responses to this post.

  1. At least she can self entertain! How many kids don’t know how to play alone??? Chloe’s got one on them!


  2. […] Well, if you’ve been reading long, you know we’ve been in the midst of sleep issues and bed fiascos for quite some time.  If you’re new around here, you can read about our saga here, here, here, here, and here. […]


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