Chloe ripped her bed tent.  I’m so, so sad.

When I put her to bed I noticed some holes near the top of the bed tent.  I cringed and worried a minute and then said a quick prayer that it would hold.

The next morning, Chloe was in the living room playing when I came out after my shower.  And she was supposed to have been zipped up in her bed tent.  My heart sank.

Sure enough, her bed had a big o rip all along the top where I had seen the small holes beginning.  She had managed to rip that delicate sheer material all along the top and slip her little Houdini body out through it.  She was a Free Bird once again!  Ugh.

That day, I did a quick repair with needle and thread — a whip stitch every 1/2 inch or so.  I planned to go back and do a better job of it the next day when I had more time.  Again, I said a quick prayer that it would hold.

That’s when I heard the Rrrrriiiippppp! sound come from Chloe’s bedroom.  I wanted to cry.  I went in her room just as her little Houdini head was slipping through the newly made hole.  I surprised her like crazy and was a little loud trying to keep her startled so she wouldn’t attempt it again.  Since it was past our bedtime, the quick fix was Duct Tape.  And I threatened her that if she broke it again I would return and be really loud and scary.  She did not want that so she stayed put for the night surprisingly.

But the next morning, she busted through the tape to freedom.

Our days of Chloe safe in her bed have again come to an end.  Sadness.

The Nickel Bed Tent lasted 3 and a half months.  We paid $140 for it.  That’s $40 a month to keep her safely in her bed.  Hmmm.

I would turn around and order another one, but I have a feeling now that she knows how flimsy that material is she will very quickly rip another hole in the new one.  Ugh.

De ja vu. . . again.

UPDATED:  The next day, I re-fixed the bed tent with the Duct Tape and while Chloe was in a different room, I turned her bed around so the ripped side door is now facing the wall.  It’s not that she didn’t notice because I know she did.  But so far turning the bed around had kept her in her tent.  She did not immediately rip a new hole in the other side which surprised me.  We’ve had 3 nights of her staying put. . .  . Crossing my fingers once again!!  And surprisingly pleased with The Nickel once again . . .


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  1. Posted by Angel on June 14, 2011 at 6:50 AM

    I’d call the company, since they think it’s so great they might be willing to replace. That’s expensive! Blessings.


  2. Oh. No.


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  4. […] As you also know, Chloe has a hard time staying in her bed at night.  […]


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