Michigan Trip — Part Two

Day Two of our trip, we were headed to Detroit to spend the day with Zach’s birth mom, Miss C.  We were so sleepy that morning that we left quite a bit later than we had planned.  Plus, I had to return the rent car — more than an hour roundtrip to the airport.

Our friends let us drive their car across the state to Detroit.  (Thanks, guys!  A huge help!)  But when all was packed, everyone was loaded, and good-byes were said, the car . . . wouldn’t . . . start.  Ugh.

A quick jump start later, we were off and running — now 3 hours later than we had planned.  But thankfully, Miss C and her family were gracious and forgiving.  We arrived at Miss C’s house where she and her husband were hosting a big family BBQ in honor of Zippy.

Again, like two years ago, Zach was very nervous — very nervous — about the whole thing.  He hardly said a word to anyone all day.  He was happiest and safest sitting in front of the TV watching a movie, which is what he did nearly the whole time we were there.

Everyone was so nice and acted so excited that we were there.  Zach met his birth grandma, his birth aunt, his birth uncle and his wife and 3 kids, and another couple of birth siblings whom he hadn’t met.  It was another big, big day for him, for sure!

While I think he felt loved and special during the BBQ, he was sure glad when it was time to go.

The next day, we had dinner with Miss C and two of Zach’s birth brothers.

Both of these gatherings were comfortable, low-maintenance times to connect with Miss C.  I’m guessing each time we are with her, she and Zippy will be less and less nervous.  That’s the plan anyway!

After dinner, the kids and I loaded back up in the car and headed back to Grand Rapids — again later than we had planned.

Our pillows sure looked especially inviting after those long days!



4 responses to this post.

  1. Hey, you are in my neck of the woods, kind of! I’m glad you made it safely and hope you continue to have a great time!!


    • Debbi, we are back home now. But the after we got back, I suddenly remembered that you are in MI somewhere!! I was kicking myself for not finding out how far we were from you. Would’ve loved to hang out for a bit!! Ugh. Maybe next time. That’s what I get for throwing a trip together so last minute — I wasn’t able to think through all the details. I have thought of several folks I wish I would have contacted. Bummer. Next time . . . 😉 How far are you away from Grand Rapids and / or Detroit?


      • We are about an hour away from GR and about two away from D. We actually were in GR this past Tuesday for a doctor appt and are going back next week for a different doctor appointment. Next time we will have to get together for sure!!

      • Yes! Definitely, Debbi! Totally would’ve been worth an hour drive to hang out! I will so try to remember for next time!

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