New Wheels

(This post is a couple of months old . . . but I finally took a photo of my van today.)

Well, Chloe’s friend, Ashlyn, can’t say that Chloe’s mom has monster wheels anymore because Chloe’s mom has a new car!

Yep, I got a new van.  Well, a new-to-me van, anyway.  My old van (that I still to this day dearly love) was missing 3 hubcaps.  We replaced them several times, but the things kept popping off so we stopped replacing them years ago.  And that’s how Ashlyn recognized Chloe’s mom’s van — “the monster wheels!”

But not anymore!  Because Chloe’s mom is driving a new van with pretty wheels.

The story is that both Paul’s car and my van are really up in years and miles — both pushing 200,000 miles!  Recently Paul’s car was in need of a new transmission which was going to cost considerably more than the car was worth.  We felt it was probably time to say good-bye to it and upgrade my vehicle and pass my old van to Paul.  (I should probably call it something other than my old van since Paul is still driving it . . . maybe like my silver van . . . yes, that’s better.)

So the other week when I was away for the weekend at the Inclusion Works conference, Paul loaded up all three kids and headed to the dealership to test drive a van he had found online.

I’m sure the salesman was thrilled to see him coming with three crazy kids and a carseat, but I certainly think Paul should win some sort of bravery award for his efforts!

We had talked about criteria.  I had only two criteria for our new vehicle:  2nd row bucket seats because I like to take one of the seats out to make more room for moving around and a great spot for diaper changes; and enough space in the cargo area to hold a wheelchair.  That’s all that mattered to me.

Zippy wanted the 3rd row seats to rotate and face backward.  I’m guessing that’s something he’s seen on TV.

Elliot wanted it to be a GM, and he wanted it to be blue.  He had just toured the GM plant with my parents during Super Bowl week and really loved it.  His favorite car that he saw was a cool blue color.

I don’t think Paul had any criteria to add.  And neither did Chloe.  Although if she had known it was an option, she would have asked for sliding doors with windows that open and a DVD player.

I was the only one who got what Iwanted.  Sorry, kids.  No cool, rotating seats.  No DVD player.  No GM.  And no blue color.

Paul bought the van while I was driving home from the conference.

We have really been enjoying it.  The interior is black and I see lots of vacuuming in my future as it shows every speck of dust.  Well, and every crumb, and every cement powder footprint, and every blade of grass, and every candy wrapper, and every piece of trash. . . .  you get the point.

I’m pretty sure the van already loves us and feels pretty broken in — with love, of course.


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