My Heart Rejoices . . . and My Heart Aches


I LOVE it!

I encourage everyone to do it.

I hope to do it again someday.

It is a beautiful thing.

Just saying the word stirs up a powerful emotion within me.

The experience of adoption is an instant friend-maker.  You find out a stranger has adopted, and you’re instant bosom buddies.

Celebrating Zachary’s tenth birthday this weekend was a reminder of how blessed I am to have him — how honored I feel to call him my son.  And how thankful I am for adoption.

I seriously love adoption.

But my heart is torn and my heart aches this week.  My heart rejoices . . . but my heart mourns.

It was a crazy week for us adoption-wise.  From one emotional extreme to the other for our friends this week.

I celebrated to the point of tears as a friend’s adoption was finalized this week!  Oh, I am so excited for the new beginning that adoption has given this child.  A child with significant disabilities who has experienced much neglect and abuse in his 7 years is now with a loving adoptive family who will give him the support and the love that he needs and deserves.  Forever.  It is beautiful.

I love adoption.

But a different friend this week is filled with a hurt so deep that I can’t even begin to understand.  This friend brought a baby boy into their home over 6 years ago, and for the last 6 years have loved and cared for this boy — their son.  Yet, their story is taking a horribly sad, cruel turn.  Because of a very confused and corrupt civil court system, their son is being removed from their home and is being returned to his birth father this week — after 6 years.  Of course, their story is long and complicated, but suffice it to say that their son is the victim here — being removed from the people he loves and knows as Mom, Dad, and sisters.  It seems criminal to me.  Shame on the courts for allowing it to happen.  How can something so beautiful and so God-ordained be so cruel and hurtful?  (I won’t go into the details of their story, but know that we are still hoping and praying for a miracle for them.)

My heart so aches for my friends.  It is such a desperate situation.

But my heart rejoices with my other friend for their adoption. . .

What a crazy mix of emotions . . . what a crazy difference in outcomes. . .

Lord, will you lead and guide?  Will you comfort and protect?  Will you cause Your will to happen?  Will you “change the hearts of kings” to rule for the hearts of children?  We are desperate for You, God.  We need you, and our children need you.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Oh my word! That is absolutely awful. It’s every adoptive parent’s worst nightmare. I had no idea one of your friends was going through that. Is there some sort of legal loophole that the bio parents are using. Oh my word. Jesus, bring peace to this family and intervene on their behalf!


    • The battle — screwed up legal battle — has been going on for over 5 years . . . dating to before the adoption was finalized. The adoptive parents have been “legal guardians” of their son for these years. They have appealed as many times as is allowed, and they have done everything legally possible to do. Beginning yesterday the transition to birth father began . . . and by the beginning of the school year, he will be full-time with birth father. And my friends, the adoptive parents, have no legal right to ever see him again. It is completely and totally in the hands of a screwed up legal system and confused birth father — and, of course, the hands of our GOD, Whose ways we don’t understand. It is desperate and corrupt. . . . And heart-wrenching. Any prayers for them are appreciated!


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